Why Should You Choose Power BI Course In 2021

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The course will teach you how to create a range of interactive reports and dashboards that increase your power. You’ll learn about data visualization, statistical analysis, predictive analytics, big data management and more as part of this comprehensive training program.

The “power bi certification” is a course that will teach you about the different aspects of Power BI. You can also earn certifications for this course.

Why Should You Choose Power BI Course In 2021

Because the current digital world deals with such a large amount of data, data operations have become very vital. That is the purpose of the Power BI certification. 

Organizations now use data for a wide range of functions, and their methods for obtaining data, managing data, and formulating future policies are diverse. After they’ve been used, the data must be properly managed. 

With the aid of Power BI, which is an intelligent tool for translating data into insights that can be utilized to formulate policy, all of these jobs become straightforward. 

Overview of the Course 

You will learn how to analyze data with Microsoft Power BI in this course. You may learn how to clean data, visualize data, collaborate with data, and share data here. 

This course will teach you how to use Microsoft Power BI to do data analysis. Power BI is a business intelligence tool that makes going from raw data to insights quick and straightforward. 

You’ll learn how to lead and work with data to analyze it using powerful power BI approaches with fundamental end–to–end workflow and strategies. It is designed for both novices and professionals, and it prepares them for job-ready business analytical abilities. 

This course is designed for aspiring data analysts, tableau users, Excel users, and professionals who wish to pursue a career in automated Excel demanding work and broaden their abilities beyond Excel. 

Of course, with tailored and customised solutions, you may learn how to monitor skill growth with the proper data and update your talents as well as those of your team members into new positions. 

Here you will study, analyze, practice, and get insights into what you’ve learned, as well as develop data analysis skills and become more productive in your workplace. 

Content of the Course 

The training will teach you how to use the Power BI query editor to delete duplicate data or records. You’ll also learn how to use data aggregation, custom processes, and other strategies to automate operations. 

You’ll learn how to create interactive reports and dashboards that are easy to comprehend and utilize by your team members. 

You’ll also learn how to plan a Power BI report to be automatically exported and delivered to anybody you want, which will save you even more time.

Data cleansing, aggregation, matrix, conditional formatting, and how to make charts, tables, maps, scatter plots, waterfall charts, and treemaps are all covered in this course. Gauge charts, cards, filters, slicers, drillthrough, and advanced charts will also be covered. 

You’ll learn how to utilize time and date functions, number functions, integrate data using M language, manage custom reporting solutions, construct reports and dashboards, schedule automatic email reports, and design and format interactive visualizations in this course. 

The session will begin with an overview of Power BI and how to connect to data sources. Then you’ll learn how to utilize Slicer in Power BI, as well as how to deal with maps, tables, and matrixes, as well as various charts, cards, and filters. 

After that, you’ll go through advanced charts, objects, service introduction, power query and its text functions, data functions, number functions, append files, merge files, conditional columns, crucial subjects, and M language introduction. 

Finally, you’ll have a capstone, and you’ll have acquired all of the skills you’ll need to work in the real world. You can make your job and that of your team members easier if you have these talents. 

The lessons are well-structured, with theoretical lectures interspersed with practical exercises. Hands-on exercises, self-learning videos, smart flashcards, e-books, recall quizzes, real-world assignments, and their evaluations are all available to make lessons more dynamic and practical. 


You must have a basic understanding of Excel functions such as sum, average, minimum, maximum, and Vlookup, as well as knowledge of pivot tables, pivot charts, and simple charts before beginning this course.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I learn Power BI?

A: Power BI is a business intelligence tool that can be used to learn more about your company’s data. With this software, you will have multiple reports and charts in order to make better decisions for the future of your company. In addition, you will gain insight into how the market has been changing over time with new insights on recent trends and changes

Is Power BI a good career?

What is the future scope of Power BI in terms of a job?

A: Microsoft states that Power BI is a suite of business intelligence and data analysis tools, used by over 20 million organizations worldwide. It will be hard to predict the future scope of this specific job as its not entirely clear what position youre asking about.

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