Best VPN for Torrenting of 2022

Our team tried out a range of VPN solutions, and these VPN offerings performed best.

Best VPN for Privacy

Editors Rating: 4.9 /5

Connect Up to 6 Devices at Once

Unblock Netflix

Strict no-log policy

Up to 65% Off

Best VPN for Security

Editors Rating: 4.5 /5

Unlimited Device Connection

Built-in ad-blocker

Strict no-log policy

Up to 82% Off

Best VPN for Windows

Editors Rating:4.5/5

Connect Up to 5 Devices at Once

Allow Torrenting

Strict no-log policy

Up to 49% Off

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Finding the best VPN for torrenting could be complicated, but every VPN product and service might do the job. The downside to torrenting is that it presents some unique risks that a VPN can cure for torrenting. However, torrenting is advantageous for sharing documents at excellent speed without relying on a dedicated host.

As P2P file sharing exposes you to unknown and unknowable data, it is best to use a secure website. A VPN specializing in P2P sharing will supply you with the protection and privacy you need to protect your identity and data.

Although it’s a real danger, inadvertently downloading fake stuff isn’t the only danger of torrenting. When you join a P2P network, your online activities become public information.

You should make sure that you have an excellent torrenting VPN on your system if you’re looking for torrenting. A good torrenting VPN enables you to put an end to many unwanted actions that can be used to identify you.

The 5 Best VPN For Torrenting August 2022

  1. NordVPN – Best all-round VPN for torrenting and P2P traffic
  2. ExpressVPN – The best VPN for safe torrenting and P2P file-sharing.
  3. Private Internet Access – Best Cheap VPN for torrenting
  4. Hotspot Shield – Best VPN for P2P
  5. Surfshark VPN – Cheap VPN for Torrenting Safely

1. NordVPN

Best all-round VPN for torrenting and P2P traffic

Available on: macOS, Windows OS, Android, iOS, Linux | Number of servers: 5444+ | Server locations: 80+ | Zero-logging: Yes | Simultaneous connections: 6

NordVPN android


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Download Torrent Safely with NordVPN

VPN kill switch

No logs

Strong encryption

Works in China

Unblock geo-restrictions

Unlimited Bandwidth

30 days Money Back-guarantee

4.3 Star rating in Play Store

Discount only available on 2 & 1-year plan

NordVPN is known for its strong security measures. Due to its double encryption, protocols with a choice of encryption levels, two kill switches, zero-logging policy, and DNS leak blocking, NordVPN makes torrenting extremely safe.

Torrenting and P2P file sharing aren’t supported on all NordVPN servers, but others do. For this reason, NordVPN will choose the optimal P2P server in your region when it detects torrenting traffic, and the setup will be done instantly.

The NordVPN app is great for Netflix, general security, and a good selection of mobile apps. You can also pay with Bitcoin and protect your traffic with Onion over a VPN.

You may experience slower downloading speeds than you would expect because not all servers support P2P. As an overall player, you couldn’t do worse.

NordVPN Speedtest Results

Without VPN

nordvpn speedtest

With VPN

nordvpn speedtest

Long-Distance Connection

nordvpn speedtest

With NordVPN’s limited-time offer, you can save 68% off on your subscription. Don’t miss out on this deal!

2. ExpressVPN

The best VPN for safe torrenting and P2P file-sharing.

Available on: Windows OS, macOS Android, iOS, Linux | Number of servers: 3,300+ | Server locations: 94+ | Zero-logging: Yes | Simultaneous connections: 5 | Bandwidth limit: No | Dedicated Torrenting servers: Yes | Live Chat support: Yes

express vpn android app


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Download Torrent Safely using ExpressVPN

Unlimited Bandwidth

Strong encryption

VPN Kill Switch

Split Tunnel

Fast Speed

24/7 live customer support


Another popular VPN is ExpressVPN. You can use it to stream online without geo-restriction and other P2P file sharing. It’s for torrenting as well as other P2P files.

An excellent VPN for torrenting needs to have tons of security features to keep you safe, and ExpressVPN includes those in spades. Does it possess full torrenting support on every host? However, it also provides WebRTC escape security, and private DNS servers, along with Perfect Forward Secrecy, which utilizes a unique key each time you connect and every 60 seconds later.

We had an average download speed of 80Mbit, where we used ExpressVPN. Connections within your own country will stay almost undeterred, and the broad server range means you’ll be able to pick a connection abroad as necessary to stay up to speed.

ExpressVPN security, It’s one of the best torrent VPNs we’ve had the pleasure of testing because it’s got both a kill switch and split tunneling, and it’s got a strict policy of no activity or connection logs.

Additionally, 24/7 customer support is available through live chat or email if you need assistance. Furthermore, ExpressVPN’s offshore jurisdiction in the British Virgin Islands (BVI) also ensures your anonymity. Additionally, its no-logging policy is independently audited.

ExpressVPN Speedtest Result

Without VPN

expressvpn speedtest result

With VPN

expressvpn speed test result

Long-Distance Connection

expressvpn speed test result

With ExpressVPN’s limited-time offer, you can save 49% off on your subscription. Don’t miss out on this deal!

3. Private Internet Access

Best Cheap VPN for torrenting

Available on: Windows OS, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux, Router | Number of servers: 35576+ | Server locations: 77+ | Zero-logging: Yes | Simultaneous connections: 10 | P2P Support: Yes

Private Internet Acess

Get 82% OFF!
Download Torrent Safely using PIA VPN

DD-WRT VPN Compatible

No Traffic or Request logs

Gigabit VPN port speeds

Unlimited Bandwidth

P2P Support

10 devices simultaneously

Super Cheap VPN

No Support over the phone

Private Internet Access is the no.1 VPN, which has a massive collection of servers. All of them support P2P torrenting. Like other good torrenting VPNs, Private Internet Access VPN didn’t restrict bandwidth. It gives unlimited bandwidth with Gigabit VPN port speeds. Moreover, you can install it on your DD-WRT router.

Using port forwarding, the VPN allows connections to bypass NAT firewalls, so torrenting speeds remain as fast as possible. Additionally, you’ll get a kill switch and split tunneling to optimize your P2P experience further. PIA VPN also hides your real IP, which prevents your ISP from tracking you.

Our testing has revealed PIA has excellent connection speeds, with no dropped connections or failures to connect. We also found speeds stayed stable even when using servers located hundreds of miles away from us. Moreover, if you want details about each feature, you can read our Private Internet VPN Review.

Private Internet Access also provides an industry-standard 30-day money-back guarantee while offering adequate live-chat support. It may not be as flashy as some other providers on the market, but PIA is an excellent torrenting VPN that continues to keep customers safe.

Private Internet Access – Speedtest Result

Without VPN

Speed Test Results – Private Internet Access

With VPN

Speed Test Results – Private Internet Access

Long-Distance Connection

Speed Test Results – Private Internet Access

With PIA VPN’s limited-time offer, you can save 82% off on your subscription. Don’t miss out on this deal!

4. Hotspot Shield

Best Free VPN for P2P

Available on: Windows OS, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux, Router | Number of servers: 1,900+ | Server locations: 80+ | Zero-logging: Yes | Simultaneous connections: 5 | Free VPN: Yes 500MB daily | Live Chat: Yes | VPN Kill Switch support: Yes

Hotspot-Shield android

Hotspot Shield

Get 49% OFF!
Download Torrent Safely using HS VPN

Nowadays, Hotspot Shield is known for its speed. With its excellent Catapult Hydra protocol, you can download torrents faster than ever before. You are assured that Hotspot running in the background will not slow your torrents download speed.

Hotspot Shield VPN has got an award for the fastest VPN in the world by You can use this VPN for free with no need to record browsing activity to maintain your privacy. It lets you protect your online presence when using public Wi-Fi. In the free version of the plan, you will get only 500MB daily.

There are 1900+ servers available in 80+ locations in Hotspot Shield. All of them are suitable for torrenting. And I love that there is lots of information available online on how to torrent securely.

A kill switch will protect your privacy while you are torrenting. If your Internet connection drops, a kill switch will disconnect you from the internet until the VPN connection is restored. Hotspot shield will never log any of your data.

Moreover, you can use Hotspot Shield for bypassing geo-restriction while streaming Netflix and other online content. In addition, Hotspot Shield works in China. If you have any issues with their VPN, a 24/7 customer representative will assist you.

Hotspot Shield – Speedtest Result

Without VPN

With VPN

Long-Distance Connection

With HS VPN’s limited-time offer, you can save 49% off on your subscription. Don’t miss out on this deal!

5. Surfshark

Cheap VPN for Torrenting Safely

Available on: Windows OS, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux, Router | Number of servers: 3200+ | Server locations: 65+ | Zero-logging: Yes | Simultaneous connections: Unlimited Kill Switch: Yes Live Chat: Yes


Get 82% OFF!
Download Torrent Safely with Surfshark

Kill Switch

No Traffic or Request logs

Unblock Netflix

Unlimited Bandwidth

P2P Support

10 devices simultaneously

Super Cheap VPN

Doesn’t good in P2P

Surfshark is yet another exceptional torrent VPN choice. Even though it is relatively new on the market, Surfshark had our attention with its high-quality features, excellent speeds, and polished look. It does not restrict torrenting and has 3,200+ VPN servers in 65 countries.

In terms of performance, Surfshark VPN uses WireGuard VPN protocol in all their apps. Wireguard protocol is a next-generation protocol and new in the market. In our Surfshark Review, we got around 300mbps download speed using WireGuard. Moreover, Surfshark VPN also supports IKEv3/OpenVPN and IPSec protocol with military-level encryption AES-256 cipher. Surfshark also has its ad-blocker (CleanWeb) feature, which will block unwanted popups and phishing ads. All Surfshark app also includes a VPN kill switch. The kill switch feature protects you from data leaks.

Surfshark is one of the best VPN for torrenting. It’s based in the British Virgin Island, which is best for data privacy. Moreover, it does log any data of its users.

If you had any issue with their services, 24/7 customer support would assist you with live chat and email support. The best thing about Surfshark VPN is that you can connect unlimited devices in a single subscription.

Surfshark VPN Speedtest Result

Without VPN

surfshark vpn speedtest

With VPN

surfshark vpn speedtest

Long-Distance Connection

surfshark vpn speedtest

With Surfshark’s limited-time offer, you can save 82% off on your subscription. Don’t miss out on this deal!

FAQ Best Torrenting VPN

Do I really need a VPN for torrenting?

You should definitely use a torrenting VPN when doing so, especially if your main goal is to download pirated movies and games. Since it essentially masks your public IP address, you do not need to dread letters from government officials demanding you cease.

Is using a VPN for torrenting legal?

P2P sharing – also known as torrenting or peer-to-peer sharing – is nothing more than sharing information in the form of small packets on multiple computers. It allows for fast and efficient downloads between computers. Sharing content owned by someone else becomes illegal only if the content is not your own. For example, you cannot download a movie you aren’t paying for.

Is torrenting safe with a VPN?

Additionally to providing end-to-end encryption for all the data you share online, torrenting with a VPN turned on maintains your anonymity. That means that your ISP or anyone else can’t see who you are or what you’ve downloaded.

Can a VPN make torrenting faster?

Yes, many ISPs monitor torrenting activities, and they will throttle your connection if they see you participating in P2P activities. The throttling process essentially means that your ISP slows your connection to discourage certain activities or conserve bandwidth. It isn’t just done for torrenters. However – streamers and gamers can also encounter sudden drop-offs for no apparent reason.

Because a VPN hides your actions, the ISP won’t know that you’re torrenting, so it will not be able to throttle your connection. Therefore, if your torrenting speeds are severely reduced, a VPN could help you get back up to speed.