Try these 5 Hacks to Avoid Buffering While Streaming Netflix

With the increasing popularity of streaming Netflix, buffering is an issue many people experience. There are a few ways to avoid this problem and make your streaming much more enjoyable.

Many people are experiencing buffering while watching Netflix. There are several solutions to the problem, but one of them is turning off your Wi-Fi. However, this can cause you to miss out on some important content. To avoid buffering, try these 5 hacks: “How to stop buffering on live streaming”

Try these 5 Hacks to Avoid Buffering While Streaming Netflix

Netflix offers a diverse selection of episodes and films from many genres. Whether you’re looking for a thriller or a leisurely romantic film, Netflix has plenty of options.

When the video streaming stops and you endure buffering after you’ve settled down and pressed the play button, there’s no worse disappointment and buzzkill. 

If you’re planning on binge-watching your favorite Netflix series, buffering is your worst enemy. Stopping the movie every minute or so to wait for it to load is really inconvenient. Netflix streaming works best when you can watch it without interruption and without buffering. 

Here are a few tips to help you avoid buffering and watch Netflix movies online without interruptions. 

1. Shut off any programs that are operating in the background. 

Your internet connection and CPU will automatically slow down if you have programs operating in the background on your computer or phone. Even if such applications are minimized in the background and you are not using them, they drain data.

So, if you have numerous tabs open on your browser or background programs running, shut the ones you don’t need. 

If you’re having trouble buffering, try dismissing any programs that are running in the background but aren’t being used. As with several programs, this may be a bit challenging. They automatically resume in the background even if you shut them. Go to Settings and choose Background applications to stop apps from operating in the background. You may now choose the programs you wish to run in the background from the list.

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2. Adjust video quality 

If you’ve stopped all background programs and are still experiencing buffering, you may lower the Netflix video quality. The longer it takes to load a file, the heavier it is. Netflix, like YouTube, allows you to adjust the video quality. 

If you’re streaming in Ultra HD, consider lowering the video quality to 720p or 480p instead of 1080p. If you’re viewing Netflix on a TV, go with 720p, but if you’re watching on a laptop or smartphone, go for 1080p. You may cut the buffering time in half this way. 

3. Take a little break from watching the video. 

If you’ve reduced the video quality but still have a lot of buffering, you may stop the movie for a few seconds and take a break. Most movies just take a few seconds to load at the start, and the rest of the stream runs smoothly.

Rather of starting the movie right away, wait a few minutes at the beginning to allow it time to load. It eliminates buffering, allowing you to watch your Netflix movie or program without interruption. 

4. Increase the speed of your internet connection 

Your internet speed has a significant impact on video quality and delay. Even if you have a high-speed connection, it’s possible that your ISP is limiting it, resulting in poor rates. If this is the case, you may use online tools to verify your speed and see what your real download and upload speeds are. 

If the numbers don’t match, you may contact your internet service provider (ISP). Other options for speeding up your internet include:

  • Wait 10-20 seconds after unplugging your modem or router before reconnecting. This is a nice idea to do every now and then. 
  • You may adjust your wireless router’s frequency from 2.4GHz to 5GHz. Because the band is higher, there will be less interference. 
  • Make sure you don’t go over your monthly data limit if you have a restricted internet plan. When consumers utilize too much bandwidth, some ISPs restrict their speed.

5. Save movies to your computer so you may view them later.

If the aforementioned suggestions haven’t pleased you, you may also download Netflix movies and episodes to watch offline. However, you may only do so using the Netflix app. Here’s how to download Netflix movies and series to watch later:

  • Open the Netflix app and choose Download from the menu. 
  • Choose the ‘Available for Download’ option. 
  • Choose the movie or TV program that you’d want to download. Every episode of TV series will have a download option. If you have the Netflix app on your Android device, you may also download the complete season. 

Keep in mind that your devices can handle up to 100 downloads at a time. The downloaded material is only available for a limited period, and you can check how much time is remaining on the Netflix app’s Download page. 


Buffering is a fairly frequent problem that is mostly caused by your internet speed and the performance of your device. So, go through the aforementioned techniques to speed things up and decrease buffering time when watching Netflix. While video buffering is inconvenient, the solutions listed above might help you enjoy continuous viewing.

The “netflix keeps buffering but internet is fine” is a problem that many people have been experiencing. Here are 5 hacks to avoid the issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get Netflix to stop buffering?

A: Unfortunately, Netflix has no known way to stop the buffering on their end.

Why does my Netflix keep breaking up?

A: Netflix is currently experiencing a heavy load on its servers. This could be due to the fact that many people are using their service at once or because its just really popular.

How do you hack Netflix movies?

A: There are a few different ways to hack Netflix movies, depending on what you want. One way is through hacking your device and using the VPN feature to change your IP address, which will make it seem like youre accessing the movie from somewhere else. Another route would be game of thrones 4×04 watch online with hd quality , where you can use tools such as Hola or Unblock-us in order to spoof your location.

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