Top 7 Jungle Scout Alternatives (2023) Easily Identify Your Niche

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It’s not always easy to find a good place online that provides the right information you need. You might want to take this as an opportunity and use it in your favor, with Jungle Scout alternatives like My Top Sites or Niche Explorer. Categories: Technology

The “helium 10” is a Jungle Scout alternative that allows users to easily identify their niche. The tool was released in 2018 and has been gaining popularity ever since. It is currently the #1 ranked app on the iTunes App Store.

Jungle Scout’s Background

As an Amazon seller, one of the first things you must determine is your specialty. It goes without saying that if you are interested in a product, you will sell it better. Another thing you should concentrate on if you want to sell a product is to attempt to source it.

The first thing that comes to mind for a seller while researching a product niche is Jungle Scout. The good news is that it’s now now accessible as a web app and an extension. This allows merchants to quickly and simply browse through thousands of goods.

If you wish to purchase a business package, Jungle Scout has three options ranging from $29 to $69 per month.

There is also no jungle scout path. is the official website.

We all know that everyone has a distinct choice, and regardless of how fantastic jungle scout is, not everyone will like it. So, here is a list of the best jungle scout alternatives, some of them are jungle scout free alternatives.

The sites we’ve listed are excellent, and some are even better than jungle scout. And the best part is that some of them are completely free.

Alternatives to Jungle Scout’s Top 7

1. is a website that allows you to keep track of your Amazon purchases

Amzdrop’s website is

Amzscout is popular among sellers since it is one of the most dependable tools available on the market for sellers, as well as one of the finest alternatives to jungle scout.

If you want to give AMZscout a try, you can acquire a 7-week trial version. If you enjoy their service, you can purchase their basic package for $19.99, their starting package for $29.99, and the business plan for $39.99.

All of the solutions I’ve discussed thus far have a keyword tracker, a product database, and a competition analysis. The basic package comes with 20 product trackers, the starting package with 40, and the business package with 80.

You may also use the FBA calculators and free estimators from the AMZ scout website.

People who use this website like their service as well as their dependability; they are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week if you have any questions. Reviewers additionally laud their website for the high-quality service they provide. is second.

Scope’s website may be found at

Scope is a completely free and legitimate platform for keyword research, product research, and product analysis. This is the ideal venue for you to begin your product niche research. This website is a bit more rudimentary than the others, but it is free, making it an excellent starting point for newcomers.

It also has some extremely handy features, such as ASIN lookup on some of the chosen items, so you can quickly see which keywords are being used by successful products. If you want to learn more about the breadth of the website, you should go to their website. You may learn more about them by visiting their website. is a website dedicated to unicorns.

Unicorns Masher’s website may be found at

This is a 100% free download, so you may use it to do product research. People may effortlessly go via this website and swiftly traverse between product areas to get insights into the product’s ranking, rating, and reviews.

All of the features of this website are listed here, as well as the tool that can be used to verify the conical optimization. Unicorn Smasher may also be integrated with the AMZ tracker by folks who are utilizing it as a supercharged selling tool. However, you must be aware that in order to utilize the AMZ tracker, you must first play.

4. (

Amachete’s website is

It was designed with the intention of benefiting both suppliers and purchasers equally. Amachete is one such service that will provide you with profit estimators, competitive research, and rank and inventory monitoring. It’s also available as a Google Chrome addon.

The Hijack monitoring was one of the most useful things I discovered on this website. This website will effortlessly keep track of all of your listings on a regular basis. If the website detects any form of hijacking, you will be alerted as quickly as possible, and the hijacker will be shut down immediately. They will have no chance of gaining your business.

This website will provide you a free 14-day trial. If the website piques your curiosity, you may use their premium services. On their website, the bundles start at $39 for a basic product tracker option.

Many individuals who utilize this website believe it is even more trustworthy than Jungle Scout. For 14 days, it’s a free jungle scout alternative. People also like how simple it is to utilize this website. You can quickly switch between plans, and customer service is quite responsive. is number five. (

It’s a great website since it’s like having a personal detective in your pocket. It is one of the most effective tools for both seasoned and novice vendors. This website has a function called open in store that allows you to search through any of the listings on Ebay, AliExpress, Alibala, and Walmart. This website will also provide you with a few more things that you will not find on the Jungle Scout, such as excellent products and fantastic specialty ideas.

This website will also show you the rating of keywords and offer you with a list of keywords based on their ranking. Users may also utilize the profile calculator with all of these capabilities. Wholesalers, for example, are among those who benefit from this function. This is one of the most incredible features that may assist you in determining the profit and worth of your Amazon purchases.

This website is popular among its users, and you may give it a try. is number six.

Keyword Inspector’s website is

This is a website that is connected to ASINspector. This application is aesthetically appealing and is a nice alternative to the free Jungle Scout website for those who want a quick result.

This website features easy-to-read statistics that indicate monthly sales as well as the number of reviews that are posted everyday. If you want to see the sellers or learn more about the bad terms, there are additional options.

This website is distinct from the rest of the internet. If you want to acquire their service, the pricing is somewhat different. Some of the functions will need you to purchase credits, which can only be renewed after they have been fully used. As a result, many individuals who use their service think it’s a little too pricey.

This website has also been described as being very sluggish, which is really aggravating. This website is not suited for those who wish to see the results as quickly as possible. is number seven. is the website for Cash Cow Pro.

This website is fairly basic, with just a few tools, but it is quite enough for the price. A free chrome extension is also available from the website. One issue I discovered with the website is that it does not allow you to filter the product list. Aside from that, you have practically all of the additional capabilities you’ll need to expand your company.

This website also gives you the option of searching by seller number or keyword. This makes the features incredibly helpful and simple to use, however the issue is that you cannot restore any of the removed goods from the lists.

Cash Cow Pro is extremely pricey, and you’ll have to pay anything from $49.97 per month to $997 per year, depending on the services you pick. Overall, it’s a solid Jungle Scout replacement.


So those were some of the best Jungle Scout options. If you’re tired with Jungle Scout and want to try something else, any of these options are worth a go. You don’t have to be concerned since most of them come with a free trial.

Overall, it’s impossible to stop utilizing any of them, particularly the Jungle Scout, after you’ve become used to them.

Overall, we’d like to note that if you enjoyed the post, please let us know in the comments section below, and if you have any suggestions, please do so as well.

The “free alternative to jungle scout reddit” is a free tool that allows users to easily identify their niche. The tool has been around for a while and it is still used by many people today.

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