Top 6 YouTube Video Downloader You Must Try

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YouTube is an amazing place to find videos, but sometimes we need it in a hurry. The Top 6 YouTube Video Downloader You Must Try will help you avoid the long lines and wait times associated with waiting for a video to load on your computer or mobile device.

The “4k video downloader” is a YouTube Video Downloader that allows users to download videos in 4K resolution. The app has been downloaded over 2 million times, so it’s a must-try for anyone who wants to save their favorite videos offline.

Top 6 YouTube Video Downloader You Must Try

The way we obtain information has altered as a result of online video streaming. The rise of YouTube as the dominating platform has hastened this transformation dramatically. 

However, you can only watch videos on this platform. You can’t download anything directly from it. You’ll need a YouTube Downloader of Videos of some kind for this. Today, we’ll show you our top recommendations for the best six downloaders available.

What Are the Characteristics of a Good YouTube Downloader of Videos? 

Downloading movies from the internet necessitates a little more effort than just pressing the download button in your preferred program. You’ll want to know what resolutions are accessible, as well as which formats are supported. 

A growing number of modern TVs and monitors come equipped with 4K resolution as standard. If you use a downloader that only supports Full HD, the movie you download will most likely seem pixelated on a 4k television. Viddly’s YouTube Downloader creators were among the first to see the necessity for 4k and even 8k video downloads. When it comes to selecting the proper software for your individual requirements, all of these considerations are important. 

Here’s a list of things to look for to make things easier: 

  • Resolution that has been endorsed 
  • Formats that are supported (both video and audio)
  • Efficacy and speed
  • User-friendliness

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Viddly is at the very top of our list. When it comes to selecting the video format and quality, this program provides a broad variety of possibilities. It is free to use, but there is a paid Pro edition that gives you access to more sophisticated features. 

Downloading whole playlists, downloading 4k and 8k video, and other features are only available to Pro customers. Purchasing the premium editions unlocks exclusive features such as live stream downloads, channel downloads, and much more.

Viddly’s free version, on the other hand, is rather capable. You get excellent performance and fast speeds since it operates on your computer rather than online. Viddly, on the whole, strikes the perfect place.

Downloader of Videos 

4K Downloader of Videos also has a free and paid version, both of which are great. The free version is pretty flexible in terms of resolution and formats you can choose. However, where this software falls short is daily quotas. 

You may download up to 30 videos each day as a free user. Granted, this isn’t a problem for the vast majority of people. However, if you wish to preserve a channel with a large collection of videos, these restrictions may be inconvenient.

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Fortunately, the subscription version isn’t prohibitively costly and includes limitless downloads as well as a slew of other useful features. 


In contrast to our previous two options, the third slot on our list goes to something entirely different. Youtube-dl is a fantastic script that replaces traditional downloaders. It is, however, command-based. 

To put it another way, you’ll have to download and convert films using a variety of command line commands. As a result, Youtube-dl is designated for more tech-savvy users who don’t need a graphical user interface to get their bearings.

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Running a script like this has a lot of advantages, one of which is speed. It’s a pretty light piece of software that accomplishes everything extremely quickly.

YouTube Downloader using WinX

When it comes to its free version, WinX is right up there with the finest. For free, you get 4K video, a variety of formats, and a typically seamless experience. The fact that it does not provide audio extraction is the sole reason it ranks so low on our list. 

Nowadays, extracting audio from YouTube videos is one of the most common uses of this sort of software. If creating a killer MP3 playlist isn’t your thing, WinX could be the way to go.

YTD Downloader of Videos 

If you’ve been around when YouTube first became popular, you’ve probably heard of YTD Downloader of Videoss.

This is one of the first pieces of software of its sort to gain general acceptance throughout the globe. Although it remains a popular choice, it is no longer the finest.

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The software’s free edition has a rather restricted set of features. You may only download one movie at a time, and the download speeds are poor in comparison to the majority of the other alternatives on our list.

However, there’s more to YTD than meets the eye. It has a built-in player as well as a simple video editor. 

Download YouTube videos for free.

Lastly, there’s the Download YouTube videos for free.. This downloader features a clean UI, super-fast processing, and is lightweight. However, it can only download videos that are a few minutes long at best.

The only option to increase the number of movies you may download is to purchase the software’s commercial edition.

All of our recommendations have a track record of success and are completely safe to use. At the end of the day, there are a plethora of fantastic choices available. The secret is to find one that is right for you.

The “best youtube video downloader for android” is a top 6 YouTube video downloader that you must try. The app has been downloaded over 10 million times and it’s easy to use.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best YouTube video downloader?

A: YouTube is an amazing site, but the videos have to be downloaded through their website. A video downloader like VidMate or TubeMate will help you save a lot of time by downloading whatever you want and storing it on your computers hard drive.

Which is the best free YouTube video downloader?

A: Free YouTube video downloaders are all very similar in their functionality. For a more detailed explanation, see the answer for this question.

What is the best YouTube downloader 2020?

A: My opinion is that the best YouTube downloader would be TubeMate. Its a highly-rated and often recommended option for downloading videos from YouTube without having to use VPNs or proxy servers, as well as being able to convert video files into MP4 format so they can be viewed on any device.

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