Top 6 Solutions to [Fix] Various Hulu Error Code

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The most common error code that appears when you try to watch Hulu on your Xbox One or PlayStation 4 is a 504 gateway timeout. This means the connection between your device and the TV has been lost, which can happen for many reasons like poor network access, malfunctioning router/modem, etc. The good news is these errors are easily fixed by doing one of two things: reconnecting to the internet via ethernet cable or switching to another input source (like HDMI).

The “hulu error codes” are a list of various errors that may occur when using Hulu. The list includes the most common errors and their solutions.

Top 6 Solutions to [Fix] Various Hulu Error Code


Learn more about Hulu by reading the Hulu live tv review. Hulu is one of the greatest online streaming services not only in the United States but also throughout the world.

Hulu, which is known for its diverse selection of episodes and live video, is now attracting the attention of its viewers for a different reason.

The Hulu app has recently begun displaying numerous forms of issues. It’s unclear if the problem is caused by the user or the Hulu servers.

Whatever the cause, these inaccuracies have the potential to damage Hulu’s quality.

Codes p-dev318, p-dev320, p-dev323, p-dev302, p-dev303, p-dev329, p-dev310, p-dev313, p-dev322, p-dev309, p-edu129, p-ts207, drmcdm78, error 94, 503, 504 and rununk13 are some of these errors.

The significance of these Hulu error codes is as follows:

Playback issues are identified by the Hulu error codes p-dev318, p-dev320, p-dev322, p-edu129, and p-dev323. These are some of the concerns that might arise on any streaming platform.

The user will be unable to see any video or even stream live events if these issues occur.

The following are some of the reasons why the mistake occurs:

  • Hulu’s servers are either unavailable or undergoing maintenance.
  • a limited bandwidth
  • Internet speed is slow.

Hulu claims that problem p-dev302, p-dev303, rununk13, and drmcdm78 are some of the issues they’ve been looking into for a while.

When the browser requires an update or the Hulu server isn’t operating correctly, Hulu error codes drmcdm78, p-dev329, and p-dev313 appear.

The Hulu app may experience these issues if there are several users connecting to the network. There may also be issues with the internet service provider.

The best course of action in this situation is to submit a complaint with the supplier.

How do you solve Hulu issues with these?

1.) Attempt to restart the application:


The most simple answer to the majority of program issues is to restart it.

It is possible that the program will not function correctly in the background.

Exiting the program may assist in refreshing the background and determining if it is functioning correctly.

2.) Verify your Internet connection:


Another method that most experts offer is to examine whether or not your internet connection is operating correctly.

If it is not functioning correctly, this is the first thing to address, since a faulty connection or an unstable network might result in issues.

3.) Keep the application up to date:


In most circumstances, the app’s developer business disables the older version in order to force users to upgrade to the most recent version.

As a result, for the time being, upgrading the Hulu program may resolve the majority of the issues.

4.) Empty the cache and data:


The user should also access the Hulu service and see whether the material is available in Incognito mode in Google Chrome or Private Browsing in other browsers.

If the site is playable, your browser may be experiencing temporary data or cache issues.

Clear the History tab to see if you can find them.

The difficulties p-dev329, p-dev310, p-dev313, p-dev322, and p-dev309 are frequently caused by faulty data inside the program, therefore emptying the application cache and data may resolve such issues. Various sources may have different techniques for clearing cache.

Consider the following scenario:

On Android: Settings > Apps > See all apps > Storage and cache > clear storage and clear cache.

To remove the app data and cache on iOS, you must first delete the app and then reinstall it.

On Apple TV, the option to erase the Hulu cache is not accessible. However, tapping the menu and home buttons simultaneously to reset the device may help.

On Fire TV: Settings > Applications > Manage Installed Applications > Hulu > Clear cache > Clear data.

5.) Use a Different Browser:


Whether the customer is seeing these Hulu error codes in one browser, it is recommended that they try a different browser to see if the problem still exists.

6.) Look for additional programs or applications on your device:


It’s possible that the user’s Hulu buffering issues are caused by a sluggish internet connection.

In such situation, the user should check to see if any other programs on the device are experiencing issues with their internet connection.

If this is the case, they should call their Internet service provider and request that the issue with their Internet connection be resolved.


The Hulu error codes stated above usually appear while you’re watching a live event, such as the Super Bowl, attempting to watch a movie, or doing any other possible task on the platform.

Restarting your device or program and trying again is a simple fix for these issues. Not only do these faults need an updated browser, but it is also critical for users to be updated in order to deal with any future flaws or mistakes.

Additionally, verify that your internet speed is at least 8.0 Mbps. If none of these workarounds work, contact Hulu’s customer service staff for more assistance and options.

Overall, Hulu is a fantastic program, but some of the faults that it encounters need to be addressed in order for it to maintain its position at the top.

The “p-dev320” is a solution to the error code that you are getting. This is one of the top 6 solutions for this issue.

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