Top 5 Angie’s List Competitors for Hiring Home Contractors

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Angie’s List is a home improvement website, which helps people find the best contractors for their needs. Angie’s List has been around since 1995 and developed into an iconic brand with over 20 million members and more than 3 billion dollars in annual revenue. However, competition among top competitors such as HomeAdvisor may force it to take steps so that its member base isn’t eroded away by other companies like Yelp!

The “Top 5 Angie’s List Competitors for Hiring Home Contractors near manchester” is a list of the top five companies that compete with Angie’s List.

Top 5 Angie's List Competitors for Hiring Home Contractors

Many individuals are fans of Angie’s List, a famous website for finding local businesses to hire. This website is able to provide a gateway for users who want all of the information and who do not trust anonymous reviews or websites with free directories.

All of the reviews you’ll discover on this website are either from users who have paid for the website’s membership or from third-party verified persons who have really hired the firm you’re looking at.

All of the evaluations you’ll find here contain all of the pertinent information, as well as detailed ratings across a wide range of vital services relating to home service companies.

Some of the businesses listed on this page may also be hired directly via their websites. This is good since there’s a possibility you’ll receive a discount here.

This website is one of those that you will find very difficult to use if you reside outside of the United States of America, and this is one of the website’s greatest flaws. You must also pay to utilize this website.

You’ll also notice that the services given at the basic tier on this website are severely restricted, but you pay a lower price for them. When you choose the most costly tier, you will discover that you are receiving a lot more.

There’s a strong likelihood that customers may need to seek out an alternate for a second viewpoint or just a change of scenery. In this post, we’ve included websites like Angie’s List for such folks.

We’ll tell you about each of these websites and provide you with all of the information you’ll need.

Top 5 Sites That Are Similar to Angie’s List

1. Porch


This is one of the greatest alternatives to the website Angie’s List, which specializes in home repairs and renovations. First and foremost, you must fill in the specifics of your project in the Pouch.

You will also need to take some images of your property and the area where you want the repair done in order to use this website. Then you’ll have to provide them a description of the task you want done as well as the budget.

After you’ve completed all of this, Porch will establish a link between you and a professional who is also using our website and has shown interest in your task and wants to do it.

The website will send you job-related emails and text messages in the future. You’ll be able to look up information such as licensure, employment history, business information, customer reviews, and much more.

After you’ve completed all of this, you’ll be able to employ the individual you choose. Both the professionals and the consumers may use this platform for free. This website is only accessible in the United States of America at the moment.

Thumbtack (#2)


This is another website that looks a lot like Angie’s list. This is a website that focuses on personal issues. You will be required to answer some of the questions on their website as well as specify the kind of job you want.

When you’re done, the pros on this website will take a look at your project and provide you bids based on your work needs, which will contain information about your company, a pricing estimate, and evaluations from prior customers who had their work done. All of information will be sent to you in the form of a personalized message.

Once you’ve received all of these communications, it’s entirely up to you to decide which firm you want to work for and which one you believe is most suited for your organization. This website is absolutely free to use, and it is open to all clients. This website is also restricted to residents of the United States of America.

3. Houzz


This website is comparable to Porch, which I discussed before. This is another firm, similar to Angie’s List, that specializes in assisting you in locating experts to engage for the repair and renovation of your house and the property around you.

This website has tools that will assist you in creating regions in your house as well as finding and hiring the best specialists for the task you want done.

You may also purchase some furnishings for your house here, as well as get some decorating and home-care advice from other members of the community.

This website is available to both professionals and consumers at no cost. The good news is that this website is also accessible outside of the United States of America.

HomeAdvisor is number four.


This website is comparable to Houzz and Porch and is another excellent resource on the internet. Sites like HomeAdvisor concentrate on the task of home property management. Both professionals and consumers may utilize this platform at no cost.

This website has a variety of resources to assist you in upgrading your property. This website is useful for those who want to hire top specialists to do the work they require, as well as obtain information and evaluations from locals. It also includes a guide for people who want to figure out their budget for a home renovation.

This is a fantastic website and a great alternative to Angie’s List. The disadvantage is that it is only accessible to people in the United States of America.



Consumer’s Checkbook stands out among the best Angie’s List rivals since it is a creation of an independent and non-profit consumer advocacy organisation.

It polls residents of the United States’ most densely populated locations (for example, Washington, Chicago, Boston, and San Francisco) and obtains evaluations on a directory of local businesses ranging from health care to auto repair to personal finance and home improvement.

This location is a strong rival to Angie’s List. If you want to see more, you’ll need to subscribe first, and then you’ll only receive some basic advise.


So that was the top 5 websites similar to Angie’s list. We hope you enjoyed the post and found it useful. If you know of any more excellent comparable websites, please post them in the comments section below.

Angie’s List is an American company that helps people find and hire contractors. However, there are many alternatives to Angie’s List. The “best alternative to angie’s list” is HomeAdvisor.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is comparable to Angies List?

A: is a service that aggregates reviews for people to find reliable, honest contractors and handymen in their area. Its one of the highest rated sites on Google due to its reputation for being very thorough with who it accepts as reviewers so you know exactly what company youre dealing with….

What is better than HomeAdvisor?

A: I am not able to answer that as it is a subjective question.

Is Angies List a rip off?

A: No, it is not a rip off. Angies List was founded in 1993 by Angie Hicks and has been around since then. There are many other websites like this that have popped up over the years to help consumers find honest contractors for various projects or services they need done with their homes or offices.

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