Top 10 Video Call Apps for Large Meetings

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Video calls are the most efficient way to connect people who can’t be together in person. These apps offer huge benefits for collaboration, but they also come with risks and challenges that companies need to address as part of their meeting strategy.

The “free meeting app for 500 participants” is a free video call service that allows users to hold meetings with up to 500 attendees. It’s also a great way to save money on conference calls.

Top 10 Video Call Apps for Large Meetings

More people are using video calls today than ever before. Today, a mere click of a button may link groups of individuals across the globe. Do you want to increase your company’s online interaction? Using video call capabilities, you may remotely contact your colleagues and have access to new customers.

Let’s look at the best 10 video conference applications for big meetings in more detail. If you’re looking for a website designer, have a look at these possibilities. They’ll bring the rest of the world closer to your business than you ever imagined.

Adobe Connect is number one.

Adobe’s website may be found at

Android and iOS apps are available.

With Adobe Connect, you can share screens and effectively collaborate via video with your business partners, colleagues & clients. Available at any time, place, and on almost any device, the number of attendees you host depends on your license.

With the meeting host, a single Adobe Connect meeting room may hold up to 100 individuals. If your firm purchases ten named hosts, you may host up to ten different meetings. Your conference attendees may reach 1,000 if each meeting space holds 100 persons.

Webex (Cisco) is the website’s URL.

Android and iOS apps are available.

Cisco Webex allows you to expand your company without incurring office or travel fees. At any time of day, video conferencing may be used for both short and long-term business communication. From the convenience of your workplace, you can connect on most 3G or 4G Smartphones.

A Cisco WebEx meeting may accommodate up to 200 people. What is the requirement? A Webex Meetings host account or a basic Webex Teams license is required for at least one participant. You’ll be restricted to three meeting participants if all users in the meeting area have a free or messaging-only Webex Teams subscription.

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3. Messenger on Facebook ( (

Android and iOS apps are available.

The benefit of using Facebook Messenger for video calling is that it is free while using Wi-Fi. This Facebook software allows up to 50 individuals to video call at the same time. It’s great for Apple devices running iOS 8 or Android smartphones running version 4 or above.

4. Make use of FaceTime

Apple’s app store may be found at

Android and iOS apps are available.

FaceTime, which is available on Apple and iOS devices, enables you to add up to 32 individuals to a Group FaceTime video conference. What is the advantage? On Apple devices, it’s already installed.

This video chat platform works with iPads, iPhones, and Macs that have a front-facing camera or a webcam. You’re ready to go with your AppleID, Wi-Fi, and a 3G or 4G connection.

Google Hangouts is number five.

Google Hangouts:

Android and iOS apps are available.

Your Gmail account is used to use the Google Hangouts video conferencing software. It may be free, but charges are determined by the plan you have chosen. It works on Android, iOS, and Windows phones and tablets.

You may host 10 individuals in a video conference with the Gmail and G Suite Basic services. Up to 25 people may be accommodated in the Business and Education plans.

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6. GoToMeeting

Go to for more information.

Android and iOS apps are available.

After a 14-day free trial, you may choose from GoToMeeting’s business, enterprise, or professional plans. The enterprise plan of GoToMeeting can hold 3000 people, while the business plan can hold 250. The professional package allows up to 150 people to participate in the same video chat.

Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, and most browsers are all compatible with GoToMeeting.

7. AnyMeeting Intermedia

Intermedia’s website address is

Android and iOS apps are available.

With Intermedia AnyMeeting, you can share your desktop screen with remote users. Supporting between 30 and 1000 people in the same video conference call, your monthly plan determines your capacity & costs.

AnyMeeting by Intermedia is compatible with Android and iOS devices, as well as all contemporary web browsers.

8. Skype

Skype’s website may be found at

Android and iOS apps are available.

Skype allows up to 50 individuals to join a video conference at the same time. It’s compatible with desktops, smartphones, smartwatches, tablets, and even your Xbox One console.

It’s free with Wi-Fi if everyone uses Skype, and it works on Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows. You’ll only have to pay for premium additional features if you want them.

WhatsApp is number nine.

WhatsApp’s URL is

Android and iOS apps are available.

WhatsApp, Facebook’s messaging application, allows you to make an immediate video call to up to 16 people. It connects to free Wi-Fi. WhatsApp works best on Android smartphones running OS 4.0.3 or above and Apple gadgets running iOS 9 or higher.

10. Zoom is the website address.

Android and iOS apps are available.

With Zoom’s basic subscription, you get unlimited video meetings for free, as long as you have Wi-Fi and a camera. Zoom is available for Android, Blackberry, iOS, Mac, and Windows.

The length of a conference with three or more individuals is limited to 40 minutes. You can get additional features by subscribing to a premium package like business, enterprise, or pro.

Zoom’s basic and pro services allow you to video call up to 100 people at once. The enterprise plan has a maximum of 500 individuals each video conference, while the business plan has a restriction of 300 people per video chat.


It’s so easy to bring people together using video calling apps. You’ll feel like you’re in the same room even if you’re cities, states, or countries apart. The world’s becoming smaller, and you can connect with & hold it in the palm of your hand.

The “free group meeting apps” is a list of the top 10 video call apps. The list includes free, paid, and business-grade apps. The list also includes the app’s features and compatibility with different devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which video conferencing app has maximum participants?

A: Skype has a maximum of 128 participants.

Which app is best for video conference call?

A: Skype is a good app for video conference calls. It can be used on any device that has Windows or Mac installed, and its free to download from the Microsoft Store.

What is the best virtual meeting platform for large groups?

A: I am a question answering bot. If you ask me a question, I will give you an answer.

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