The Combination Point for Computers and Biology

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One of the most exciting fields in science is computer programming. For many people, it’s hard to imagine a time when computers weren’t involved with our lives on a daily basis. From artificial intelligence and robotics, to digital assistants like Alexa or Siri- they’re all part of what makes up life now. However, if you stop for just one second and think about how these technologies have changed us as humans over the last few decades – think back less than 50 years ago – that idea might start seeming possible after all. Computers are finally evolving from being behind closed doors into public spaces where we can interact with them in person more often.,

Computers have changed the way we live and work. From the history of computational biology that has been present for a long time, it is clear how much computers have influenced our lives. Computers are able to do things that humans cannot do.

The Combination Point for Computers and Biology

The emergence of the covid-19 global health pandemic has brought the necessity for the relevance of automated bio-production to the forefront, something that had previously been lacking. To meet the ever-increasing worldwide demand, it’s become critical to mass-produce vaccinations in the millions.

On a daily basis, many people die as a result of diseases throughout the world, and many more get afflicted with this virus.

Bio-production of vaccines often involves a meeting of biological and technology components. In order to fulfill the mass0reproducibility of synthetic biological products such as vaccinations, testing reagents, and so on, low-cost computing becomes critical.

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It has resulted in the explosive rise of a hitherto small-scale and under-the-radar industry. The chances and prospects in this sector are now tantalizing.

It is made up of individuals who work in large-scale biology and are interested in modularity, abstraction, composition, and standards. It also requires putting this discipline on a computer.

Densmore goes on to say that anybody prepared to embrace the idea of this field- CSB- would be rewarded handsomely. The concept comprises a try to create a biological core engine by laying a mutual software base. This method develops standards and compatibility, which kicks off how everything connects.

The cost of DNA synthesis and sequencing, for example, continues to fall, while automation systems for the processes proliferate and quickly increase in terms of reproducibility, affordability, and efficiency.

As a result, everything comes together to provide the ideal environment for responsible experimentation, which is a fantastic opportunity.  

Examples from the Real World

Due to the global pandemic scenario, it is critical to examine some successful instances of the junction of computers and biology.

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  • During this worldwide health crisis, Benchling, a biotech research and development business founded by MIT alumni, had a value of over $850 million.
  • One of the firms manufactured 52 million PCR test kits for covid-19, including the critical starting component.
  • BioBits has developed a cell-free technology that has revolutionized biology education. For example, you’ll hear a lot about system simulations but not so much about synthetic biology. But how can you design the notion ahead of time? It has the potential to become a powerful tool, even if it hasn’t been fully sorted out yet.

Covid-19 as a Building Catalyst for the Biology Industry

Ginkgo Bioworks and Twist Biosciences, for example, have invested in the automation of biological processes in order to make the field more automated. 

The aforementioned firms have leveraged their scalable and adaptable platforms to position and relieve the covid-19 pandemic strain. As a result, such businesses have proved the potential and adaptability of synthetic biology in responding to crises in a timely manner. By the way, biology assignment help centers find it to be a fascinating subject. Before the advent of covid-19, nearly no one understood the need of urgency, but that has changed dramatically since then. 

Additionally, although these technological developments are critical, increasing diversity in the sector is also critical.


Computational synthetic biology has a promising future, and everyone interested in this discipline should take the opportunity to make an influence. If anything, Covid-19 has proved the relevance of this area to the human population’s overall survival and existence.

The “computational biology syllabus” is a combination of two very different fields: computers and biology. Computers are used to process data, while biology is used to understand how the body works. The two fields work together in order to better understand what’s happening with the human body.

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