Need Better Ads? WASK Can Help You

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You may think that ad blockers are the answer to your prayers, but they have many problems. WASK takes a different approach. With its unique blockchain-powered platform, it’s not just an ad blocker – it’s also a game and everything in between!

The “comment picker” is a tool that allows users to choose the best ad for their comment. This tool can be used in any website, and it helps users make better ads. The comment picker also has a blacklist feature that prevents certain words from being picked by the system.

Need Better Ads? WASK Can Help You

Digital advertising is a rapidly expanding sector that assists many individuals and businesses in locating clients. Even if you use it for your little company, it is really lucrative. However, it may become very difficult to monitor, optimize, and manage several ad accounts, particularly when multiple ad accounts are involved.

WASK is a piece of software that solves all of your digital ad problems. WASK is an online platform that lets you manage all of your digital ad accounts in one place. Users can design, create, manage, and optimize their Facebook, Instagram, and Google advertising, as well as see and report key metrics, automate campaigns, and take use of the AI-powered algorithm.

The simplicity of usage is the most significant feature. Because the primary aim is for everyone to be able to handle their advertisements like an expert. Even novices and those who wish to start from the beginning may quickly post advertisements and improve their digital advertising skills.

When you link your Facebook, Google, or both ad accounts, the user panel becomes a single page where you can monitor and control all of your advertisements. You may see digital marketing stats such as total ad clicks, CPM, CPC, CTR, and many more.

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All of this adds up to a picture of how effective your advertising are. You may also quickly modify your advertising from the section directly below the stats.

In terms of the target demographic, WASK greatly benefits from AI. Based on your website and social media profiles, AI selects the ideal target audience for you. Areas of interest, geography, age, and gender may all be used to narrow down an audience. It also integrates with Facebook Pixel. It allows you to target a more precise audience, which results in more effective advertisements. Your advertising cash will not be squandered on the wrong people.

Now is the time to create adverts once your audience is ready. WASK just released a Design Tool that makes creating ad pictures quick and straightforward. It’s also a lot of fun!

There are several free designs, stock photos, shapes, and emojis available. Everything you’ll need to create a successful social media ad. It also contains a Layers section that makes it easier to modify. When your design is complete, you may instantly post your ad. WASK also offers a media library where photographs may be saved for later use.

It’s really simple to post an ad once your ad picture is ready. You choose whether to run advertisements on Google, Facebook, or Instagram, and it’s done in a matter of seconds. It is possible to alter an ad after it has been published. Performance ratings might help you figure out which ads need to be tweaked.

After you’ve published a few advertisements, the additional features will appear. Autopilot and Scheduler assist you in automating your advertising so that you may earn more with less work.

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According to the metrics you provide, Autopilot pauses, deletes, or alters budgets. You may use the Scheduler to post advertising while you are not available, such as when on a weekend vacation.

Performance Comparison and A/B Test Compare multiple adverts to discover the best ones for you. You may retain the better-performing ad and eliminate the one that isn’t working. It ensures that your digital advertising efforts are of ever-increasing quality. 

These and other features enable users to gain more clients and clicks for less money. With this much quality, you’d anticipate high charges, yet the prices are really rather reasonable. It only $9 per month to get started. Here’s where you can find out how much it costs. WASK also provides a 15-day trial period for individuals who wish to give it a go. Until the free trial period expires, the program does not demand payment or credit card information. You may develop smart adverts by signing up at

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The “wask location” is a website that allows users to find out their current location and the locations of other people nearby. It also has a button that allows users to share their current location with others.

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