Later Alternative: Combin Scheduler Is Free Instagram Content Planner

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Social media content is being supercharged by the rise of Instagram, but generating original posts takes time and money. Luckily with a little bit of creativity you can automate your life on social media without paying for costly tools or hiring expensive developers.

The “combin scheduler carousel” is an Instagram content planner that allows users to create and schedule posts.

Later Alternative: Combin Scheduler Is Free Instagram Content Planner

Finding the proper solution to ease the content publication process is critical for marketers, content producers, company owners, and influencers. 

If you’re dissatisfied with the way Later operates and are seeking for a robust alternative, go no further. 

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In this post, we’ll show you how to use Combin Scheduler, a free and useful alternative to Later. 

Combin Scheduler is an Instagram content planning desktop tool for Windows, macOS, and Linux. You can effortlessly arrange your articles and stories using Combin Scheduler and not worry about them not being published on time. 

What makes Combin Scheduler superior than Later? 

The primary features of Combin Scheduler are listed below.

Automated Publication 

Combin Scheduler publishes your material for you on a minute-by-minute basis. The software doesn’t give you a message reminding you to publish your work; instead, it publishes it for you, regardless of whether it’s a post or a narrative. 

Unlike Later, which does not automatically post some sorts of information; instead, it notifies you that you must log in to the mobile app and push the publish button manually.

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Scheduling of Posts and Stories 

Not only can you plan and publish posts using Combin Scheduler, but you can also schedule and publish articles. Simply upload the articles or stories you’d want to schedule in bulk and click ‘Create.’ Then just choose the needed time for them to go live. You may plan material for hours, days, weeks, and even months in advance. 

Instant publication is also offered by the tool if you wish to post information right now.

You may add hashtags, tag other users, add a link to be immediately added to your Instagram profile, add location, alter the picture aspect ratio if needed, and even change the font description once you’ve picked the best moment to publish your post. 

Reposting Instagram Content is a feature that allows you to share your photos and videos with 

You may use Combin Scheduler to repost other people’s Instagram posts. But, before you do so, remember to get permission from the original poster’s owner and tag the original poster. 

You may share user-generated material, reviews and testimonials, news, and any other stuff you find interesting using the repost tool. 

The original publication’s media, hashtags, and caption will be automatically inserted, but you may delete them before posting if you like.

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You may also relocate the repost badge to any part of the picture, modify its color, or hide it entirely using the app. 

Possibility of including a link in your Instagram bio 

This functionality is available in both Later and Combin Scheduler, but the way they operate is rather different. Later implies shoppable posts, which are completely worthless if you don’t own an eCommerce store.

Combin Scheduler has a similar feature that allows you to create custom trackable links that direct visitors from Instagram to any page on your website. You may include a link in your post or story that will show in your Instagram bio when the media goes live. 

It’s a useful function if you want to drive visitors from Instagram to a website, blog, or other external resource.

User Interface That Is Easy To Use

Because each user perceives the applications’ UI differently, this metric is very subjective. However, after using Later and reading user reviews claiming that the app’s UI isn’t particularly clear and intuitive, we’ve come to the conclusion that if you’re not technically smart, mastering the app’s capabilities will take longer.

Combin Scheduler, on the other hand, has a very simple design with just the functionality you want. There will be no problems while using the tool.

The ability to plan your Instagram feed visually 

Later and Combin Scheduler both enable you to visually organize your stuff. Calendars are available in the applications, allowing you to see when your postings will go live. Within a weekly calendar with thumbnails of the pieces you’ve prepared, you may keep track of the scheduled material.

You may use a visual grid layout calendar to see how your overall grid appears.

But here’s the thing: there’s a catch. You can view the whole grid with Combin Scheduler, including posts that have already been published. Later obfuscates the slots with your published Instagram posts, making it impossible to thoroughly assess the structure of the next postings.

Management of Hashtags 

The tools work differently when it comes to hashtags.

Later provides hashtags for your post that seem to be related. These hashtags may be relevant to your newspaper, but they aren’t always accurate. You can’t store various groupings of hashtags for later usage in the app.

The hashtag management in Combin Scheduler is excellent. It implies you may have a collection of hashtags in Templates and utilize them as needed.

Caption Fonts Can Be Changed

You may alter the typefaces in the Instagram caption you’re going to post using Combin Scheduler. Simply type the post’s caption, highlight it, and click the fonts button. You’ll be able to modify the font style and even combine a few different ones.

It’s worth noting that this only works with Latin letters for now.

Multiple Account Management Capability

Later enables you to manage up to 5 accounts depending on your subscription plan, however the free Combin Scheduler plan allows you to manage up to 15 accounts. 


The nicest thing about utilizing Combin Scheduler is that it’s totally free! There are no hidden costs, no trial periods, and no subscriptions — the software is completely free. 

The features that were previously only available to premium users are now available for free in Combin Scheduler. Combin Scheduler features 15 Instagram accounts for free, as well as support for Stories, posts, and reposts, the option to schedule the first remark beneath posts, bulk picture uploading, Link in bio, location, and user tagging.

Later has five subscription tiers available, two for people and three for corporations. Plans range in price from Later offers 5 subscription plans — 2 for individuals and 3 for businesses. The plans vary from free to $49 a month. to $49 per month.

Individual programs are split into two categories: free and plus ($9).

Business plans range from $19 per month for Premium to $49 per month for Brand, which is suited for big firms and teams.

The tools have similar functionality. Yet, there are distinctions like Stories auto-publishing, link in bio, and Management of Hashtags that might influence your choice.

Combin Scheduler is a superior alternative if you’re searching for an easy and powerful application that can handle all of your content planning. But ultimately, the choice is yours.

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later instagram scheduler is an alternative to the Instagram content planner by combin. It is a free tool that allows users to schedule their posts on Instagram.

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