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Kickass Proxy List is a collaborative, open proxy list. It’s the largest and most up-to-date unblocked proxy database in existence. With over 1 million IPs from around the globe, this site provides users with an easy way to bypass web censorship while getting unrestricted internet access on any device they choose.

The “kickass proxy 2021” is a list of kickass proxies. Kickass is an alternative to the Pirate Bay that has been around since 2006. It is also one of the fastest and most reliable torrent sites on the internet.

Kickass Proxy List

With its unique quality torrent files, Kickass was the moniker that reigned the torrenting world. Kat was its moniker, and it was well-known among torrent users. The site was created in 2008 and quickly became the greatest torrent site.

Its popularity drew some people’s attention to it. Unfortunately, some legal authorities and government agencies were watching. The site’s proprietors took it down after receiving too many notifications and stringent warrants from the authorities.

Although the site is no longer available, you may access it using Kickass’ proxy and mirror sites. All of those websites offer the same content as Kickass. One thing to keep in mind is that there will be a lot of kickass proxy sites.

In this article, we will learn how to utilize unblocked kickass material as well as a variety of other information about kickass torrents so that they may be used wisely.

What is the difference between a Kickass Proxy and a Kickass Mirror Site?

Yes, this is just a clone of Kickass, and nothing more. This contains the stuff that can be found on Kickass. The torrent sites are unblocked with the aid of these proxies.,,,,,,,,, kickass.unblocked.kat,,,, Among them are lol, kickass.unblocked.kat, and others.

Here is a list of 15 100% working Kickass Proxy Sites for 2022.

Why can’t certain people use KickassTorrent?

There are a variety of reasons why such sites are unavailable. This is more common with kickass torrent proxy services. Regional constraints are the most important factor.

To ensure the authenticity of material, several governments have restricted such sites. Other times, it is your computer, not the government, that prevents you from utilizing them.

Didn’t get what I was saying? To protect your computer’s privacy, new browsers often block such sites. Viruses infect all of these places, and new computers or software rusticate them.

The third explanation claims that the location is undergoing server maintenance, which indicates that they shut down their servers for a variety of reasons, and you went to them while they were down.

What causes KickassTorrents to be blocked?

Why do they get blocked? This is the first thing that comes to mind for new or even experienced users. They’re pirates, after all. They are, after all, pirates. They give out premium stuff for free.

It doesn’t imply they’re nice people in the eyes of the government just because they’re doing well for you.

Cases are filed against them by firms like Sony Media and other software developers, and the US government shuts them down.

What is a Proxy Server, and how does it work?

A proxy server hides your IP address, allowing you to access those blocked websites. When someone attempts to get access to such sites, the request is routed via a series of protocols in order to make you anonymous before delivering the required material.

What kind of VPN should we get?

In this instance, we recommend that you purchase a premium version rather than a free one. It makes no sense to put your privacy at risk for a few cents. At least, that’s what our experts believe. You may select a free one, but only if it has a lot of positive reviews.

What characteristics must a good VPN possess?

  1. A solid VPN will never ask you to log in. Because they never make a public display of their relationship with you.
  2. Fast processing speed and the ability to download any file at a decent pace, even if your internet connection is sluggish.
  3. Large Bandwidth
  4. Privacy of IP and DNS. It is for this reason why they were created. Always double-check that the VPN you’re considering purchasing or utilizing does this.

The Benefits of Using a Proxy Site

  • Using proxy sites reduces the need for encryption, allowing you to access these sites securely without it. Without a question, encryption is the most effective method, but it is also the slowest. Proxy sites may mask your IP address and connect you with other torrent peers.
  • These sites, for the most part, do not collect any information from your browser. And whenever you download a file, they will indicate that there is no link between you and the server where the data is kept.

You may utilize both if you’re concerned about your privacy. Let’s have a look at what occurs in such situations.

There isn’t much technical work to be done. Before you activate the proxy program, you need first start the VPN. Torrents are now being accessed over a VPN and proxy tunnel.

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Using a VPN with a Proxy:

  • Your connection will be more stable, and your ISP will no longer be able to view your IP address. You will not be caught by anybody from the website.
  • Your IP address and torrent IP address will be different each time, so if someone monitors your single IP address, he will be unable to pinpoint your location in any way.

You can accomplish all of this with a single subscription since all of the providers we mentioned in this post allow at least three simultaneous connections. Isn’t it lovely?

Issues of Privacy and Security

We’ve already addressed why you should use a VPN and what it can accomplish for you. However, if we do not utilize a VPN, this may occur. They may simply monitor your location and ID if you visit certain sites without utilizing a VPN.

This may lead to hacking, which means they can get access to your device. They can instantly access your data on the computer. These files might include your personal information or videos. In such instances, “swatting” is also a possibility.

Swatting is when you get a false police call from someone who asks you to verify your address before dispatching the cops.

Sometimes you’ll wind up on a bogus torrent or a virus-infected computer. The same thing may happen in similar situations.


We hope you found the information you needed to have a pleasant torrenting experience. However, we must constantly urge caution since you are illegally pirating the original material.

There isn’t a single website where we can put our faith in them or presume they’ll be in the market for the long haul.

So, if you’re a pro, please don’t take them lightly. If you need any information or have extra information for us, please leave a comment below.

We hope that by publishing these articles, we will be able to increase the understanding of those who use torrents but have difficulty accessing them on a regular basis. Please feel free to contact us with any suggestions or requests.

The “kickass proxy weshare” is a website that has been created to help people find the best working kickass proxies. The site also provides a list of other sites, including the IP addresses and ports for each proxy.

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