Jungle Scout Review: Categories, Filter, Price, Rank, Weight, Keywords, Rating, Seller

This is a review of Jungle Scout. It’s an app that lets you find high-demand products to sell on Amazon from the comfort of your home!

Jungle Scout is a tool that allows users to search and find product reviews in the app stores. The reviews are also categorized, filtered, price, rank, weight, keywords, rating and seller. Read more in detail here: jungle scout reviews.

Jungle Scout Review: Categories, Filter, Price, Rank, Weight, Keywords, Rating, Seller

Not long ago, I did an honest little bit of research on Amazon, and one of the tools I heard about was Jungle Scout, which is a program meant to aid in locating items that would sell well on Amazon.

Jungle Scout has an internet app that allows users to browse Amazon items for stuff to sell and a Chrome extension that allows users to display product information. This review looks at the web app as well as some of its flaws.

We don’t know much about Jungle Scout.

In this overview of how the Jungle Scout works, you’ll learn about the current hot software and how it can help you make a lot of money on Amazon. It’s essentially a market research tool that has become the go-to for new Amazon sellers as well as Amazon’s power sellers.

Jungle Scout is a WebApp and Chrome extension that Amazon entrepreneurs may use to find products that are buried in the company’s extensive data. It will help you find products to sell on Amazon, which will help you develop a solid and lucrative Amazon company.

This program, developed by Jungle Scout, is designed to leverage data to reveal strong business ideas.

What is the Jungle Scout’s level of accuracy?

The Jungle Scout data is really useful if you can figure out how to use it to improve the health of your company. The software isn’t smart enough to tell you which items will sell.

It will, however, offer you with accurate sales averages and, as a result, suggest estimates. Some people believe the figures over there are exaggerated, and this is typically where your perception as a user is crucial.

You want to incorporate context, seasonality, and trend information, but you’re not sure whether everything will add up. Is this a very associate chance? At the very least, it’s worth mentioning that the projections are based on the sales ranking, which might vary every hour – so it all relies on your definition of “up-to-date, factual information.”

Product Information Database


You’ll be able to utilize Jungle Scout’s filters to find some of the goods on Amazon based on specific criteria after you get the merchandise information.

This is a complete list of all of them.


You have complete control over which categories to filter. Maybe you have a lot of information or a strong interest in a certain category and want to hunt for items entirely based on those areas.

Because you’re new to selling, you’ll want to stay away from categories like electrical equipment, which need a lot of components that might fail. You may choose to deselect any of the gated categories, such as Grocery Food, if you don’t want to use them.

In either case, you’ll be able to pick or deselect all of the categories you want to search in.


Filters allow you to narrow your search by a range of factors such as (SP) selling price, item weight, and number of reviews, to name a few. Here are some settings that are often advised.


For fresh new Amazon sellers, some Amazon sellers recommend looking for items between $18 and $50. If you sell a lower-priced item, you can make money, but it will be more difficult since Amazon vendor fees will cut into your earnings, and if you sell a high-priced item, it will be more costly for you to obtain.


You should also make advantage of either rank or calculable sales. Experts estimate that anything between 8,000 and 10,000 rankings will sell well on e-commerce. If you’re utilizing calculated sales, you’re probably looking for anything that sells at least three units every day. As a result, 300 would be a reasonable minimum variety for monthly sales calculations.


Look for items that are under two pounds for brand spanking new vendors that are getting into personal labeling. Shipping costs may be reduced for lighter items. Your profit margins will be harmed by high delivery costs.


Some people want to filter reviews based on a number of factors. Things with at least a hundred reviews will signify things with high demand against which you will still have to compete. Some people choose to just look at goods that have less than fifty reviews.

Items with a lot of reviews may be more competitive and difficult to get momentum on Amazon.


You may input terms you want to look for as well as ones you don’t want to appear in your search results.


In general, a poor rating might be an opportunity to outperform your competition by providing a significantly superior product. Filtering for items that sell well but have a poor rating might be a way to identify lucrative products.


You’ll have the option of selling on Amazon, having it fulfilled by Amazon, or having it fulfilled by the merchandiser. Some vendors prefer not to compete with Amazon directly, thus they will uncheck that item.


Another thing you’ll filter on is the number of vendors and the quality of the listings (a rating for the way well-optimized listings for the Amazon search).

Things you should keep in mind

There are a couple caveats to be aware of using Jungle Scout…

1. The app will not cover everything available on Amazon: It contains a lot of information and maybe a lot of ideas, but you must still do your own research on Amazon.

When you find a great product, you may add it to the merchandise tracker over there, which will provide you information about it once it’s been gathered for a few days.

2. The bottom Conclusion is that you shouldn’t rely exclusively on Jungle Scout’s knowledge to find items for you. Look for deals straight on Amazon to get a plethora of options.

3. To be honest, the sales prediction isn’t always accurate; in most cases, it’s out by a significant margin. If you come across a unique item, put it to the merchandise tracker over there and let it gather data so you can get a better idea of the sales volume.

4. Books: Because promoting new or used books or launching your own book is an entirely separate game, Jungle Scout isn’t a tool you’ll utilize.

The advantages and disadvantages of the Jungle Scout application

The Jungle Scout app has a number of advantages, but the most important one is that it makes market research quick and easy. Without the information supplied by the Jungle Scout, it would be very impossible to manage an FBA company. It’s quite easy to use, which is why it’s such a powerful tool. It will save time, and as a result, the interface will be clear and effective, making measurements easier to read. Once you’ve figured out how to utilize Jungle Scout, you’ll be amazed at how fast you’ll pick it!

On the negative, there is considerable skepticism regarding the accuracy of the data given. It’s difficult to trust the projections given because of the supported sales rankings, which will change often. However, this tool isn’t designed to take the place of an astute business mind; rather, it aids and assists in making sensible decisions. This suggests that you want to apply intelligence to information interpretation.

Perhaps much more concerning is the fact that there is often a discrepancy between the information given by the extension and that provided by the WebApp. This is something Jungle Scout vows to investigate thoroughly.

There are also other goods that are not included in the package. This suggests that you’ll still have to do some manual analysis. If you’re looking for an example, a product like Jungle Scout isn’t very helpful with books.

What is the best way for me to use Jungle Scout to find the most effective product?

The quickest and most efficient approach to start looking for the best product is to open Chrome with the extension installed. You must next do a product search, which will provide you with all of the sales information for each product in the search list. This gives you an idea of how the product in this specific line is doing in general, as well as for each of your possible rivals.

However, you must already have a decent product line in mind for this to work.


This concluded our review of the jungle scout web app.

Overall, I believe Jungle Scout is a great tool to utilize if you’re looking to perform competitive research for Amazon selling.

You should give this application a go. Please share your views and ideas in the comments section below; we’d love to hear from you.

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