Investor’s guide: what cryptocurrencies promise to bring profit in 2021?

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Cryptocurrencies have been the biggest financial craze since Bitcoin first surged in value back in December 2017. In 2018, cryptocurrencies saw a rise of over 10000% due to their surging popularity and the technology behind them which promises exponential growth. Because of this sudden surge, many companies are looking into adding cryptos as payment options because they want an opportunity for greater market share and profit potentials through blockchain

The “next cryptocurrency to explode 2022” is a new currency that promises to bring profit in the future. It’s still unclear what this coin will be, but it’s expected to be worth a lot of money.

Investor's guide: what cryptocurrencies promise to bring profit in 2021?

Cryptocurrencies have grown in popularity as a long-term investment over the years. However, picking a dependable coin isn’t enough to earn a profit. You should also be aware of the best time to purchase it.

For the first time since 2017, the cryptocurrency industry is gaining traction. The digital currency business is also attracting a lot of attention. Among all the currencies, the Bitcoin rate has increased the most recently. Altcoins have grown as well, though many are still far from their historical highs.

Many investors are now hunting for coins that will return thousands of percent of their investment. Unpopular cryptocurrencies that have just come on the scene might provide you with the most significant profit. Nonetheless, such an investment entails significant dangers.

We’ll inform you about several rather major cryptocurrencies that are stable and have a lot of room for development. So, what are the most promising cryptocurrencies to invest in in 2021, and what factors should you consider while making your decision? It’s the subject of this article.

Criteria for selecting altcoins for investing

You should evaluate projects based on the following factors to decide lucrative coins to buy:

  • The project’s popularity among the crypto community. The currency should be traded on major exchanges, with reputable media discussing it and keeping track of rate movements.
  • It’s easy to transport and store. Various kinds of crypto wallets are created by startups with growth potential. Digital money is also supported by multi-currency wallet developers.
  • If they don’t say anything about it, consider if they have the resources to secure their company from invaders.

Ethereum is a cryptocurrency (ETH)

It is the first and most widely used altcoin. In terms of market capitalization, Ethereum is ranked second. On 99 percent of exchanges, BTC to ETH trades are possible. This coin has a high level of liquidity.

For many years, Ethereum has been and continues to be one of the most profitable cryptocurrencies. Because of the long-awaited move to PoS, as well as the debut of the long-awaited Ethereum 2.0, 2021 is expected to be a pivotal year for it.


High information processing capacity, a flexible and simple account security architecture, various successful technological solutions, and a promising coin – EOS – are the key benefits of EOS.

EOS is a single blockchain that serves several purposes at the same time. The creators say that their system is as secure as Bitcoin, although with a much simpler architecture that is common to Ethereum. Furthermore, according to market reports, the EOS platform has substantially greater potential than Ripple.

TRON (Transformers: The Next Generation) (TRX)

Tron is a cryptocurrency that first surfaced in 2017. It enables players to make smart business decisions and create decentralized apps.

It now has a market value of $2.2 billion. Some predict a tenfold increase in the Tron rate. In 2021, there is expected to be a significant increase.

This coin is held by hundreds of DeFi program developers. Tron is also attracting the attention of the leaders of the gaming business, which is now experiencing fast expansion.


Cryptocurrencies had a fairly exciting start to 2021, and many analysts believe this is only the beginning, with much larger upward moves expected. This list should be beneficial to you if you’re seeking for currencies that are both promising and secure.

Above all, keep in mind that purchasing bitcoins is a high-risk investment. If you don’t buy solely for the amount you’re willing to lose, you won’t be able to endure this “roller coaster.”

The “best cryptocurrency to invest in 2022” is a question that many investors are asking themselves. The answer can be found by looking at the cryptocurrencies that have been successful so far and what they promise to bring profit in 2021.

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