Highest Paying Jobs in Tennessee: Want to Earn $255k?

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Tennessee is one of the top states to live in, offering all manner of job opportunities. Whether you’re looking for a new career or want to improve your current position with extra income, Tennessee has plenty to offer. Join us as we look at some of the highest paying jobs and their corresponding salaries in Tennessee:
Software Quality Assurance Engineer – $96k
Senior Software Developer- $84k

Want to earn $255k? The “easy high paying jobs” are the highest paying jobs in Tennessee. It is a job that requires little education and experience.

Highest Paying Jobs in Tennessee: Want to Earn $255k?

Everyone, whether a citizen or an immigrant, wants to work in the United States. And this is understandable given the country’s average annual wage of $67,570. Regional considerations, on the other hand, play a part. There is a considerable salary discrepancy when income tax and hourly rates in various states are taken into account.

We’ll look at the highest-paying occupations in Tennessee in the sections below. We considered pay size, labor market demand, and career possibilities when performing this study.

The Foundation of a Respectable Profession

It is vital to continually monitor developments in the labor market in order to strike a balance between demand and salaries. Specialists with a higher degree in the United States are paid 1.5-2 times more. Nowadays, having a diploma is critical for establishing a prominent job.

Every third employer opts out of the interview process. Graduation from a reputable institution, a well-written resume, and a well-written cover letter all help to improve an applicant’s prospects.

Perhaps the most important step in any successful profession is to write a good résumé. Do not forget to dedicate some time to writing a cover letter and a curriculum vitae resume. Addressing specialists from a cover letter writing service is a solution to all your troubles if you have any worries or lack expertise. Remember that writing these papers is your passport to your ideal career!

The first step in achieving your job objectives is to read this article. Study the accompanying information, choose a position that interests you, and get started on your quest for Tennessee’s highest-paying career.


Physicians, on average, make more than white-collar professionals, according to the US Department of Labor. Even yet, becoming a doctor in the United States requires several years of study. To get a qualification, one must enroll in a university or medical school, complete four courses, and receive a bachelor’s degree, followed by two years of master’s study and completion of an internship.

The most in-demand medical branches in Tennessee, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (April 2021), are:

  • Psychiatrists ($206,880 on average)
  • ($204,560) Surgeons
  • Physicians who practice family medicine ($197,520)
  • Nurse Anesthetists ($174,550) are a kind of anesthetist who works in hospitals.
  • Physicians who practice general internal medicine ($161,290)

When it comes to the top place, it’s worth remembering that psychiatry is one of the most in-demand fields of medicine in the United States. For the typical citizen, seeing a psychotherapist is the norm. Specialists are available to married couples, children, and anybody else who need psychological assistance. The doctor may do up to ten sessions each day, resulting in an annual income of up to $230,000.


Outside of medicine, this is the highest-paying career in the United States. Indeed, CEO roles in Tennessee are in great demand these days. Each firm employs anything from two to several dozen people. 

The major responsibility is to oversee divisions and sections with up to 200 managers. Because the CEO is in charge of practically everything, the compensation for his or her efforts is acceptable. The average CEO compensation is $151,960 per year, although in major organizations, the real remuneration is substantially greater.


Medicine and pharmacology are inextricably linked. In the United States, no medicine may be purchased without a doctor’s prescription. Furthermore, the selling of pharmaceuticals is closely controlled by legislation, and the prices are much higher than in Europe. 

A pharmacist’s average annual compensation is about $225,000. It is, however, often dependent on the pharmaceutical business where the person works. Naturally, if he or she is the business owner, the income will be different.

Engineers who work in the petroleum industry

This specialist’s major responsibility is to create and develop oil and gas production techniques, as well as to identify new ways to extract resources from existing wells. Because the majority of expeditions are targeted at discovering new sources, a specialist must master a wide range of abilities in order to be successful. Because the stations are placed in the middle of the ocean, the job is exceedingly perilous. 

The average income for a petroleum engineer is $280,000, however it varies depending on experience and credentials.

Pilots and flight engineers are two types of people that work in the aviation industry.

Commercial pilots in Tennessee earn an average of more than $100,000 per year. The most important requirements are strong health, a high level of stress tolerance, the capacity to make rapid choices, and exceptional attention.

The flight engineer is in charge of the aircraft’s technical equipment, as well as the functioning of the engine and other equipment. Because these occupations include a high amount of emotional stress, they are highly valued.

Managers of Architecture and Engineering

In architectural and engineering projects, these experts organize and manage technical activity. Negotiating with customers, setting budgets, working as part of a team with other sections of the company (marketers, technicians, etc. ), and developing standards for engineering and technical work are all common duties, and the list is not complete.

The starting compensation for these professionals is $260,000 per year. 


This area of study comprises a broad variety of specialities. Lawyers may design laws and regulations as well as provide criminal and civil legal advice to people, corporations, and government bodies. They may work in a court, prosecutor’s office, notary office, or private company, ensuring that agreements and contracts are proper, educating workers on legal intricacies, and so on.

The average yearly pay in this industry is $102,050. Furthermore, this occupation is in high demand in the United States right now, and will remain for at least the next 10 years.

Managers of Information Systems

The information manager acts as a go-between for technicians and management. Knowledge of information systems, databases, programming, and business process modeling are among the most critical talents. This expert uses numerous ways of analysis and design to address business challenges. As a result, the average pay of this profession’s representatives in Tennessee is about $116,120.

Last Thoughts

We looked at the highest-paying occupations in Tennessee in this post, with an emphasis on diverse categories of activity. Of course, in order to make a reasonable living in any field, you must be an useful expert. This is particularly true in fields where competition is fierce, such as medicine and business. 

Building a profession needs not just persistent effort, but also financial and time commitments in the form of training, tests, and licenses. It is essential to plan the professional path step by step in order for these investments to be justified!

Frequently Asked Questions

What job pays the most cash?

A: That depends, what are the average salaries for these jobs?

What jobs give you 100000 dollars a year?

A: A common starting salary for a journalist is roughly $45,000.

What makes the most money in Tennessee?

A: Tennessee is a state in the United States.

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