Can You Use a Mid

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What if we could combine our smartphones and computers into a single device? Many people believe they can, but the technology to implement such an idea is yet to be developed. However, some companies are already on this path.

The “how to use mid formula in excel” is a question that has been asked many times. The answer is yes, it can be used.

Can You Use a Mid

The never-ending discussion over which kind of device is better for gaming is unlikely to stop anytime soon, as console lovers continue to extol the advantages of their machine’s simplicity and ease-of-use, while PC gamers extol the virtues of PCs’ flexibility and upgradability. 

Computer gamers often jam the newest and best technology into their aggressively designed cases, keeping everything operating at top performance with massive fans and cutting-edge liquid cooling systems. 

Others like the convenience of being able to carry their gaming setup with them by utilizing a gaming laptop, which is a powerful gaming PC stuffed into a small form factor. 

Gaming on a PC may be costly.

However, the power and mobility come at a cost. A high-end gaming system may cost thousands of dollars, with market-leading graphics cards costing more than a PS5 or Xbox Series X. 

For this money, you receive the greatest visuals on the market as well as additional customization options such as modifications, addons, and other tweaks. The current release of Cyberpunk 2077 exemplifies this.

The game has been removed from Sony’s PlayStation Store owing to a large amount of complaints from irate fans who have experienced terrible frame rates, glitches, crashes, and poor visuals that don’t resemble the game presented in the game’s aggressive marketing efforts. 

This was partly due to the fact that the game was initially built for PC, with the goal of pushing the limits of current technology. This meant that the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, both of which were underpowered, were simply unable to keep up with the demands placed on them. 

So, unless you have a cutting-edge gaming PC, don’t anticipate incredible visuals and performance from that game. 

That isn’t to say you can’t have fun gaming on your computer without blowing your budget. Budget gaming PCs are available, and they provide a plethora of options. 

Not all games need high-end hardware.

Many PC gamers like spending a lot of time comparing their PCs’ hardware in the hopes of becoming the best among their peers. However, unless you’re playing a game like Crysis or Cyberpunk 2077, it’s unnecessary. 

Thousands of games are available on entry-level PCs, as well as the underpowered laptop that your boss gave you to read your emails on. 

On low-powered devices, browser-based games like those provided by sites like Miniclip and Facebook may be played. In fact, you wouldn’t have any trouble running them on a low-cost device like the RaspberryPi. The majority of the top online casinos also include browser-based games that can be played on almost any current device.

Various first-person shooters, such as early Call of Duty games and Brutal Doom, may also be played on weak PCs. Other popular games, such as Among Us, Minecraft, and Stardew Valley, will run on almost all computers. 

There are even whole collections of games for users with outdated systems on Valve’s Steam store, such as the aptly-named “Good games for terrible computers.” Only 4 GB of RAM, an Intel Celeron processor, and an integrated graphics controller are required to play the games in that collection. 

Other famous titles, such as Grand Theft Auto V, will operate on PCs with Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 processors that are more than ten years old. So long as your gaming PC was constructed or purchased inside the previous five years, you should be OK. 

Gaming in the past

You don’t have to play the most recent games to have a good time; there are decades of wonderful games that will run nicely on almost any machine nowadays. 

According to a study conducted by Gaming Shift, there are already over 1 million video games accessible. They arrived at this Conclusion by adding all of the games available on platforms such as Uplay, Steam, and the Apple App Store. 

This statistic, however, does not fully reflect vintage games, since many of them have not been transferred from earlier DOS-based computers, and it also includes mobile and console titles, the majority of which are difficult to play on PC. Some games that have been published on numerous platforms may be counted twice, tripled, or even quadrupled. 

Regardless of the actual figure, the reality remains that there are more games available now than you could possible play in your lifetime. It’s also feasible to play hundreds of old games on even the most weak PCs thanks to ingenious software like DOSBox and RetroArch. 

The PlayStation Vintage, for example, is a low-power ARM-based computer that emulates classic PlayStation games. You could easily get the same appearance with your 2-year-old laptop with Retro Arch and a few web tips. As a result, your low-cost gaming PC will be able to handle it without breaking a sweat. 

DOSBox also allows you to play some of the finest games ever made, including multiple Need for Speed titles from the mid-1990s and Wolfenstein titles. 

Although these games lack the cutting-edge visuals of more current releases, they are just as entertaining, if not more so. They’re much more enjoyable if you played them when they first came out since you’ll love the nostalgic thoughts and recollections they evoke. 


Another option for utilizing your less expensive PC for gaming is to utilize a streaming service like Google Stadia. 

Video games have traditionally been loaded on your local PC and operate on the hardware inside it. Updates and online multiplayer capabilities were the only things that required an internet connection. 

Stadia and a number of other services, on the other hand, provide a fresh method to play. Instead of being stored on your computer, the powerful hardware is maintained at Google’s data centers. The game is then streamed straight to your Google Chrome browser anytime you wish to play it. 

You may still play with a controller or a mouse and keyboard, just like any other game, and latency is low in most cases. Many AAA games, like the aforementioned Cyberpunk 2077, Red Dead Redemption 2, and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, have been published on Stadia. 

While you won’t need a powerful computer, you will want a fast internet connection, which most individuals with fiber broadband should have. 


Most games do not need the ultra-expensive gaming PCs that some die-hard fans purchase. Even a basic computer will provide you with access to more games than you would ever have time to play in your life. 

Most gamers will be content with a mid-range PC thanks to browser-based games, online casinos, emulators, and streaming platforms.

The “how to combine if and mid formula in excel” is a question that has been asked many times. The answer to this question is yes, but you need to use the IF function.

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