Best Privacy Tools Available This Year

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Privacy is a hot topic this year with the re-emergence of Cambridge Analytica and increased awareness on how companies can use your personal data. Here are some tools to help you keep your private information safe in this year.

Reddit is a website that has a lot of privacy tools. This is a great place to start your search for the best privacy tools available this year otherwise you may need data protection services. Read more in detail here: privacy tools reddit.

Best Privacy Tools Available This Year

You may assume that if you use a digital gadget, someone is watching you. You don’t trust me? Take a glance at your Instagram and Facebook feeds. Are any of those adverts similar to anything you may have looked up recently? It’s only one of many instances in the digital world.

Cybercriminals, hackers, businesses, and internet service providers are all interested in your information. You have less privacy than you had in the past. You may, however, fight back. Check out these fantastic tools to help you enhance your online privacy and security.


When you ask most IT professionals what email client they use, the answer is almost always ProtonMail. ProtonMail is a secure email service. It guarantees that emails are sent in a safe and confidential manner. Not just between ProtonMail subscribers, but also between users of other email programs like as Gmail and Outlook.

End-to-end encryption is used by ProtonMail to ensure that no one can read your communications. It’s also useful and reliable, making it a great alternative to regular email.



Hackers commit a cybercrime every 39 seconds. They go for personal information, communication, and, most importantly, files. For thieves, your information may be a gold mine. They include not only personal information, but also a wealth of useful information. As a result, file encryption is no longer a luxury but a necessity.

Although NordLocker is not the only file encryption service available, it is one of the most recent and safe. The NordLocker program encrypts your data using the most up-to-date security standards. It also works with only one click. Any file type may be encrypted and protected with an access code, guaranteeing that only authorized users can see or alter the file’s contents. It may be used on data stored locally as well as data uploaded to the cloud.


Telegram gives you the ability to encrypt your communications. It’s all about security with Telegram. It ensures that messages and audio calls between users are sent in a secure and private manner. It works on all platforms and provides not only privacy and security but also a lot of functionality.

Because the default chat isn’t encrypted, you’ll need to utilize secret conversations to maintain your privacy. Telegram’s only drawback is that it does not support video chat. However, users anticipate that this functionality will be available shortly.

Opera is a web browser.

Every internet user should have a virtual private network (VPN) active on their devices at all times. Opera is also the first major browser to have a VPN (and for free). As a result, by encrypting your surfing, it adds an added degree of protection.

Although it isn’t ideal, it is a useful tool to have on hand when your connection isn’t secure. When you combine Opera with a double VPN configuration, you’ll have one of the most secure security solutions on the market.



For more than a decade, Google and other search engines have offered personalized search as a feature. They provide you with results depending on your browsing history. But that’s also why you’re seeing those tailored advertising for the items you’ve been looking for. Isn’t that an outright breach of your privacy?

Meanwhile, DuckDuckGo is a search engine that prioritizes your privacy. It doesn’t sell or collect any data about its users, and it doesn’t sell your information to advertising. As a result, it is the greatest search engine for preserving privacy.

Is It Possible That I’ve Been Pwned?

HaveIBeenPwned is an online tool that checks whether your credentials suffered in any data leaks. You can check your email, domain, passwords, and more. It tells you how many times (and how) your accounts have been exposed. Is It Possible That I’ve Been Pwned? also lists helpful information on how you can fix the problem and improve your overall security.

Tor Browser is a web browser that allows you to

You don’t need Tor Browser is a web browser that allows you to for your daily internet use. It’s slow and a bit clunky. But if you want an ultra-secure and anonymous internet experience, nothing compares to Tor. TOR, or The Onion Router, hides your IP address, location, and device information to help privately browse the internet. It does so by using a series of relays and encryption protocols.

Tor encrypts your data as it passes via a chain of volunteer-run servers. It allows for anonymous browsing but at a significantly slower speed. And, although it’s a great way to preserve your privacy, it’s not the safest alternative. Because the network contains volunteer-run servers, it’s impossible to determine if any of the volunteers are acting in good faith.


You’re probably aware that when you delete a file, it doesn’t mean it’s gone forever. Instead, until you wipe the data, it stays available on your machine. Eraser is a free security program that totally erases your files’ data. Instead of using the regular delete command, it repeatedly erases and rewrites each file to guarantee that it is unrecoverable.


Only a few mouse clicks separate you from better security and privacy. If you want to keep your files, browser history, chats, or search searches hidden, there’s a program for that. Start utilizing these tools right now to improve your privacy.

The “privacy tools list” is a list of the best privacy tools that are available this year. The list includes apps, extensions, and browser plugins.

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