Best 800 number service: Best international toll Free Service Providers

If you’re looking for a tech support that’s not just knowledgeable but also local, at the end of this article we’ll tell you how to find the best international toll-free service provider.

The “best toll-free number service” is a term that refers to an international toll free service. The best international toll free service providers can be found on the internet.

Best 800 number service: Best international toll Free Service Providers

As a company owner, most individuals would undoubtedly consider it a difficult decision. When it comes to finding the greatest 800 number service online, the hunt is never-ending. It is not necessary for just the conglomerates to have their own 800 number service.

However, you should not use any 800 number services under any circumstances. There are always advantages and disadvantages to employing 800 service providers. But don’t worry, we’ll provide you with a straightforward list of suitable service providers. There is no requirement for a lock-in period, and the services are not expensive but quite effective.

Some of the world’s most well-known toll-free number service providers

  • Global WMX
  • Real PBX
  • Forwarding of Calls Around the World
  • Toll-Free Toll-Free Toll-Free Toll-Free Toll-

The following elements will be considered while evaluating 800 number services.

  • Number Availability & cost
  • Toll-Free Numbers are accepted.
  • Customer Service & Support
  • International Toll-Free Number: Availability & Price estimation

Some of the well-known 800-number services


For quite some time, AVOXI has been involved in worldwide communications. AVOXI offers toll-free services not just in the United States, but also in 119 other countries across the world. And throughout the years, AVOXI has been able to do it at a very low cost.

These costs are reasonable, but they are competitively superior than those offered by other service providers in terms of what they claim to be. AVOXI is a well-known and dependable VOIP 800 number service provider that serves over 2000 enterprises throughout the world.

AVOXI reviews and compares the top-tier service providers for international toll-free lines. Aside from that, it determines how they rank high on the backlog, estimate, characteristics, and support services.

The ability to supply international toll-free numbers in more than 118 countries. Along with being able to supply local numbers in about 2800-3000 cities throughout the globe. In the first place, this distinguishes AVOXI as a world-class service provider.

Following that, AVOXI assists businesses in connecting with their clients, regardless of the customers’ company locations throughout the world.

2. Global WMX

Global WMX is a renowned international toll-free number service provider. As being available somewhere around 100 countries worldwide, shows the accuracy of the service being availed by the people and its customers all around.

Dissimilar to Toll-Free Toll-Free Toll-Free Toll-Free Toll- and Forwarding of Calls Around the World, the WMX does give an option to buy online. They provide the services a bit differently than the others do. The individual needs to select a number of his choice.

After that, you’ll need to verify the number’s availability as well as the pricing or cost estimate.

3. The Authentic PBX

Real PBX manages toll-free lines for the “majority of the world’s countries.” Known regions such as Australia, the United States, and Canada may appear on the list.

The Real PBX can give a wide range of exact combinations that properly meet the needs of small and medium businesses. While considering which of the services supplied in terms of pricing and availability.

Before and throughout the purchase of an overseas toll free service, the cost calculation should be prioritized. As a result, contacting the Real PBX is required to get a clear picture of which services should be considered for future usage.

As a result, the Real PBX sales agent will have a better understanding of the different characteristics that are difficult to comprehend on the internet.

4. Forwarding of Calls Around the World

Forwarding of Calls Around the World declares of giving services provided in more than 150 nations. The Forwarding of Calls Around the World offers a wide variety of features as compared with different service providers.

The services well, of course, could be purchased using the website, making the site a medium of purchase. Also, Forwarding of Calls Around the World cultivates a huge backlog. This represents the opportunity to lay hands on the difficult to procure numbers for various countries like the Gulf nations.

Similar to Toll-Free Toll-Free Toll-Free Toll-Free Toll- even Forwarding of Calls Around the World has made it convenient to buy international toll-free numbers directly online.

5. Toll-Free Toll-Free Toll-Free Toll-Free Toll-

For a long time, Toll Free Forwarding has been delivering toll-free service. It is bidding on international toll-free lines for more than a hundred countries.

This is in addition to local phone number services for major cities throughout the world, which total roughly 1000. The official website may be used to order an international toll free number.

There’s a dialog box that does a check to see whether the toll-free numbers are still available.

Just in case the number you’re searching for isn’t accessible or there’s an issue with the kind of foreign toll free number you’re looking for. Then there’s the matter of contacting a sales person.

They should be approached since they have a greater understanding of the subject/matter. For further information, there is a green question mark on the page.

The green question mark could be able to answer questions like how to get more information on how to buy an overseas toll-free number.

Apart from that, what are the terms and circumstances, as well as a brief overview of how to get toll-free numbers in various countries?

Estimated costs


The international toll free service provider giants like Toll Free Forwarding, Forwarding of Calls Around the World and AVOXI it is very comfortable in comparing the prices with help of online shopping mechanisms.

All that is required is for the user to choose the country, the kind of number, the ring for a SIP/VOIP phone number or address, and the pricing estimate for various minute plans. AVOXI offers hosted Calls are recorded. as an add-on feature in monthly, quarterly, or annual rates.

2. The Authentic PBX

Unlike the other international phone number providers we’ve looked at, The Real PBX charges additional fees for certain features such as extra extensions and Calls are recorded.s.

3. WMX

The typical needs of most organizations are met by the out of the box characteristics bundle, which exceeds extraordinary expectations.

It’s designed for small and medium businesses who need a quick worldwide solution. As a result, obtaining price requires requesting a quotation.

4. Free toll forwarding

Toll-free forwarding comes with a monthly fee for enabling the Calls are recorded. feature. Because these features are not included in the monthly fee for minutes and foreign toll-free services.

5. Forwarding of Calls Around the World

While the basic pack includes a typical selection of the features, it does not include all of them. As a result, the call transfer function is only accessible when the monthly plan surpasses $500.


1. AVOXI’s Advantages

AVOXI offers more than 40 world-class features with every toll free number it sells. There are no hidden fees for essential features like as call transfers or group calls. The following are some of the well-known characteristics:

  • Calls are recorded.
  • Groups of Calls (Hunt Groups, or Ring Groups)
  • Forwarding of Calls
  • Routing by Time of Day
  • IVR

2. Benefits of Using an International Toll-Free Number

  • The majority of international toll free providers have a basic set of call management tools.
  • The standard features may range from one service provider to the next.
  • A few of the features are either only available in the premium packs or may be purchased as an add-on.

3. Toll-Free Forwarding Features

Toll Free Forwarding, like international toll free number service providers, offers extensive call management features like as

  • Email to Voicemail
  • IVR (Interactive Voice Response) (Virtual Attendant)
  • Reporting on Phone Calls in Real Time
  • Email to Fax
  • Calls are recorded.*
  • Forwarding of Calls

4. Features of Forwarding of Calls Around the World

Any toll free number coming right from Forwarding of Calls Around the World comes packed with a powerful set of in-built characteristics which are,

  • Transferring a call
  • Improved Call Forwarding
  • Advanced Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Calls are recorded.
  • Call Listing (Blocking as in Black & White Lists)

5. Real-life PBX

Unlike any international toll free number service provider The Real PBX functioning is done with the help of PBX platform. The Real PBX is packed with multiple attributes which is coupled by all those features provided by Forwarding of Calls Around the World and Toll Free Forwarding. But the other features are mentioned below

  • Inquire about Hunting.
  • Conferencing via Phone
  • To call, just click the button below.
  • Messaging Unified

6. Global WMX

Global WMX does provide international toll free services with an addition with the below mentioned attributes which are as follows

  • In 170 languages, custom IVR is available.
  • International Testing is carried out automatically.
  • Find me/Follow me
  • Email to Voicemail
  • User Interface (U.I.) for mobile devices
  • Reporting on Phone Calls

Customer Service

Managing international toll free lines is now relatively simple to direct and manage. However, if the consumer continues to have issues, they are likely to occur again in the near future. That is why customer care is provided with every product or service.


Being slightly different AVOXI does provide a 24*5 customer service and support along with a 24*7 emergency Customer Service. The customer service provides the service support along with multiple platforms and user interfaces for customer.

These channels may include chat, phone, and email support. With the use of an internet site, the chat assistance may be reached.

This guarantees a quick and efficient resolution of technical concerns. AVOXI may also give content assistance and how-to instructions on the official website.

2. The Authentic PBX

The Real PBX also offers 24/7 customer care help via a variety of channels. Customer service might take the form of a phone call, a letter, or a chat session. Aside from that, it has the “Self-Care Access” feature.

3. Global WMX

The Global WMX do not share the customer service and support on the site. Nevertheless they declared they had an award snagging support and service team. This team is furnished with the “3rd line standards,” which could be explained as any staff executive is well trained. With prerequisite knowledge sufficient to revert to the technical queries

4. Free toll forwarding

The Toll Free Forwarding giant does not provide a total 24*7 and 365 days round the year Customer Service. However it is not so far either. The customer service and support team is available to help which follows the Pacific Daylight Time (PDT)

It’s alright if you don’t know how to calculate Pacific Daylight Time; Toll Free Forwarding provides an inherent notification on the help page. This shows when a member of the support team is available to assist you.

5.Forwarding of Calls Around the World

When opposed to Toll Free Forwarding, they normally give customer care and support 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The organization has two head offices. One of them is located at Delray Beach, Florida, US and other one back in Wattana, Bangkok. Besides this the Forwarding of Calls Around the World also has a page which addresses the FAQs on the site.


As a result, even small company owners and organizations should have access to an 800 number service. When you are searching for anything on the internet, though, everyone has something comparable to sell to you.

This might cause some misunderstanding. And it may occasionally lead to a choice that leads to a poor buy. Which is something that no one wants to happen? When it comes to acquiring an 800 service, we always have a question in mind.

Which of them provides the finest, most straightforward, and most inexpensive service? A tiny firm may only need a service on which they may nearly totally depend.

The “free 800 number google” is a service that allows people to call any country for free. The “Best international toll Free Service Providers” is a list of providers that offer the best service at an affordable price.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best toll free number provider?

A: is a good toll free number provider, if you would like to know more about them please visit

Are 800 numbers toll free internationally?

A: Toll free numbers are not available internationally.

How do I get a 1 800 toll free number?

A: You can try using a service such as www.1 800-FREE-TOLL, which attempts to make calls at no cost to you.

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