9 Top Rated Screen Mirroring apps for both IOS and Android

Screen mirroring is a wireless technology that enables two or more devices to show the same thing on their screens. It’s often used for entertainment purposes, such as watching movies and TV shows on your phone without needing to purchase them from iTunes. Each app has its own strengths and weaknesses, so choose carefully when finding your ideal screen-mirroring experience.

The “best screen mirroring app for android to tv free” is a list of the top rated apps that allow users to mirror their smartphone onto their television. These apps are available on both iOS and Android.

9 Top Rated Screen Mirroring apps for both IOS and Android

This is a mirroring technology that allows you to mirror your smartphone on your computer or even your smart TV. With the use of these screen mirroring apps, you will be able to simply access all of the films, games, images, and practically any other application available on your smartphone on any large screen. You will be able to simply view any files and data from your smartphone on the large screen without having to upload any files. Going online can teach you how to screen mirror your iPhone to your Android TV, which can also be done using apps. These programs will allow you to simply mirror your screen and view any of your data and files that are stored on your computer.

You may also mirror your computer device on your mobile phone and control all of the data that are accessible on your computer from your mobile phone if you wish. You’ll be able to mirror it utilizing casting applications. You will be able to exchange all of your data, music, films, files, and nearly anything between your computer and your smartphone using these tools. In this post, we’ll go through the finest mirror apps available on both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.


1. Remote Desktop in Chrome

It is one of the most widely used programs for screen mirroring. This program is compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones. This app was created by Google and is also their property. With the aid of this program, you will be able to mirror both your mobile and computer screens and view them from any device. You’ll be able to access your PC from any iOS or Android smartphone with ease. It’s also quite simple to access any app on your smartphone without experiencing any slowness. You only need to use this program to set up remote access for your smartphone, and you’re ready to go. If you’re searching for a free screen mirroring program, it’s also an excellent choice.

2. Remote Desktop Connection with Microsoft

This app is also quite popular for used with a mirrored device. It’s also compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones. This program will enable you to simply connect your smartphone to any of your resources. This program is likewise quite straightforward and simple to use. You will be able to get access to any resource from a distant gateway with this program. This application’s connection is also incredibly secure, and it has multi-touch functionality. With all of them, you also have the ability to broadcast video and music via this app.

3. Connect to Airserver 

You may utilize Airserver Connect if you’re seeking for one of the top mirroring apps accessible for both iOS and Android smartphones. This is an application that will enable you to simply connect your phone to a large screen. To Mirror the device, all you have to do is follow a few easy steps. You must first access the server settings on your computer, and then click on the QR code button. Now you must launch the server program on your mobile phone and choose the scan option in order to connect your phone to the computer. It will instantly scan the QR code and you will be able to Mirror your smartphone with your computer without any issues.

ApowerMirror is number four. 

This is a basic and easy-to-use application for measuring your iOS or Android smartphone. You will be able to cast the screen of your smartphone to any other smartphone. This program comes in handy when you want to watch videos, movies, and utilize apps on many mobile devices at the same time. You’ll be able to wirelessly connect any smartphone to your phone. I found this app to be really helpful as well as one of the most intriguing. This program also enables you to effortlessly sync any video or music on several devices at the same time, and view both of them from separate devices.

5. Smart TV from Samsung

You may test this program at any moment with this finest android screen mirroring software if you want to mirror your phone on your TV so that you can view movies on a huge screen that are loaded on your phone. Using this program, you will be able to watch any of your favorite movies, TV series, or anything else that is accessible on your smartphone on a large screen. With this function, you’ll be able to use your smartphone to put your television in standby mode. The only drawback is that this software is only accessible for Android smartphones, however it is the greatest Android to TV screen mirroring tool.

Google Home is number six.

This is another another application that will enable you to simply operate your ChromeCast from your mobile device. This program is incredibly easy to use and is a free software that can be downloaded on both Android and iOS smartphones. With this app on your Chromecast, you’ll be able to play and stop music, alter the volume, and virtually anything else. This program will allow you to control all of your Chromecast’s settings.

Anydesk is number seven.

This is a fast-loading program that allows you to control all of your files, applications, and other items by granting remote access to another computer. It’s a fantastic computer and phone mirroring program. From anywhere on the planet, you’ll be able to operate any gadget. With this program, you’ll be able to easily access Windows, Mac, and even Linux from any iOS or Android smartphone. When it comes to granting access from one computer to another, this program is highly common. On this app, all of your information and discussions are kept safe. Each time you use this program to log in, it provides you a key to access that the other partner must place on their smartphone before they can see your screen or you can see theirs.

8.Assist with Mirroring

This is another popular application for reading displays on both iOS and Android smartphones. Splashtop Inc. created this program, which is also known as mirroring 360. This program allows you to simply connect your smartphone to your computer using a particular QR code or ID. Before you can use this program, you must first install the Mirror 360 application on your computer. This program may also be used if you want to utilize your smartphone on a larger screen and access all of the apps, films, and other things on your computer. This software has a premium as well as a free version. You are free to use any of them as you see fit.

TeamViewer (version 9)

Anydesk is extremely similar to this program. This program is compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones. This software is really handy if you need any form of assistance from your friends, coworkers, or anybody else. When it comes to screen mirroring, this program is one of the finest. By granting remote access, you will be able to get access to files, documents, and nearly everything. It’s based on the same principle as anydesk. The greatest feature of this program is that it supports multi-monitoring, allowing you to connect numerous monitors at the same time. This program is also quite safe and reliable.


So those were the best screen mirroring applications.

If you have any recommendations, please leave them in the comments section.

The “best screen mirroring app for android to tv without wifi” is a list of the best screen mirroring apps on both iOS and Android. The apps have been rated with an average rating of 4.5 stars

Frequently Asked Questions

Which screen mirroring app is best?

A: The best screen mirroring app is the one you have installed.

Can I mirror iOS to Android?

A: This is not possible.

Which app is best for screen mirroring iPhone?

A: You can use any app that is available on the App Store. I recommend Rival, its free and has a large variety of features.

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