9 Best 😇 Emoji Apps for Your Android Device 📱

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The world of emoji apps is a colorful one. If you’re looking for some new ones to add to your arsenal, here are the 9 best 😇 Emoji Apps for Your Android Device 📱!

The “best free emoji app for android 2021” is a list of the best 9 emoji apps for your Android device. The list includes both free and paid apps.

9 Best 😇 Emoji Apps for Your Android Device 📱

We’ve all seen how emoticons have become one of the most popular methods to communicate. The majority of users believe that basic messaging is both uninteresting and time-consuming.

Emojis enable users to quickly express whatever feeling they are experiencing at the moment without having to type it out. This improves the effectiveness of a two-person discussion or group texting by making it far more participatory.

This makes messaging more engaging and less dull. Many individuals, I’ve seen, prefer to text rather to converse on the phone since emoji make it more effective and exciting for them.

As we all know, there are currently a plethora of emojis accessible, with new ones being released on a regular basis. However, if you believe that they are insufficient and that additional alternatives would have been accessible, don’t worry; we’ve got you covered.

In today’s post, we’ve compiled a selection of the best emoji apps for messaging that will meet all of your demands while also making your conversations more entertaining.

The Top 9 Emoji Apps for Android are as follows:

1. Emoji keyboard Kika


First and first, let me state that this is the highest-rated emoji keyboard accessible on the Google Play Store. You will notice how easy this program is to use when you use it.

You may choose from a large number of various emojis on this keyboard. You will be able to choose from a variety of emoji, Gifs, and stickers. With the usage of emojis and all of the stickers accessible on their app, this software will undoubtedly assist you in making your chat more fascinating.

You may also use all of the normal functions found on a conventional keyboard, such as autocorrect and predictions.

You may pick from over 100 themes, languages, noises, and other choices for your keyboard with this software. Many more emojis are often introduced to this app for you to pick from as time goes on.

Emojidom Emoticons are the second most popular kind of emoji.


This software provided a large number of emoji options for those who like emoji. If you’re one of them, you’ll fall in love with this app.

Because it has a large collection of various sorts of emojis that you will be able to use while sending text messages or even e-mails, the app’s name clears itself for the title of the kingdom of the smileys.

This is the kind of program that will undoubtedly relieve you of any boredom you were experiencing while messaging. There are over 4000 emojis available for download for free, which you may use on any social networking platform. Even with standard text chatting, this application supports emojis.

The total number of emojis accessible on this app is one of the greatest available, and you will be able to utilize them for a variety of reasons anytime you choose.

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Bitmoji is a third option.


Unlike the other apps, Bitmoji is an app that allows you to create your own emoji quickly and effortlessly.

If you utilize the Gboard (Google Keyboard App), you may quickly send the bitmoji to any of your pals using the Gboard Application.

If you want your bijmoji to appear like you, you’ll be able to personalize any avatar. You should give it a go; I am certain you will like it. It is ideally suited for the Snapchat application.

Swiftkey Keyboard is number four.


It’s a sort of keyboard with an emoji plugin built in that will suggest an emoji when you attempt to create a sentence or phrase.

Basically, it will attempt to figure out which emoji best fits the words you’re typing. It really has Artificial Intelligence software incorporated in it that will learn automatically about your writing style, all of the emojis that you use, all of the phrases that you use often, and the way you write.

It will gradually adapt to you and your writing style, predictive text, and Autocorrect will truly operate for you.

You may use a variety of emojis to express yourself in various situations. It will suggest any kind of emoji when you type any word or phrase.

When you write pizza on your keyboard, it will display an emoji of pizza. When you can see an emoji that corresponds to your text as you write, it’s a lot of fun.

5. SMS Angry Expressions


You could get bored of responding to the same text message over and over again. You will be able to effortlessly send some amusing faces and memes with the aid of this program, and you will be able to have a lot of fun.

There are around 2500 faces accessible in this software, which should be plenty to keep you entertained when messaging. This is an app that allows users to effortlessly include all of the most popular memes into their communications. This will make your SMS message stand out and be more fascinating.

Once you’ve completed the downloading process, it’s pretty simple to use. Simply touch on any of the available faces to pick and then post on social media networks like as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and others.

The faces you use the most will be added to your Favorites automatically. For improved results, you’ll be able to preview all of the faces immediately before sending the text.

All of the faces are updated on a regular basis so that you may utilize all of the varied and both new faces whenever you like.

6. Imoji


It’s the kind of software that will undoubtedly delight you with all of the emojis it has to offer, as well as enhance your communication with others.

This software allows you to simply search for emojis, create your own emojis, and discover various sorts of emojis developed by the app creators.

These emojis may be simply shared across various messaging apps, and this app is also compatible with a number of social media platforms.

This software will allow you to effortlessly make your own personalized stickers using unique images on your Android smartphone. If you want to view any of your friends or your face as an emoji, there is an app that will allow you to do so without difficulty.

Swiftmoji Keyboard is number seven.


It is another another program that will help you improve your emoji game. Swiftmoji can also anticipate the emoji you’ll use as you write, making it simpler and quicker to utilize any emoji throughout a discussion.

This is an application that will provide you with emoji. You don’t even have to move before looking for the emoji. With just a little effort, this will undoubtedly make texting incredibly entertaining and simple for you.

8. Morph


Although this isn’t an emoji app, what it does is rather fantastic and intriguing. You will be able to include your or any of your friends’ faces in a popular gif, which is one of the features that makes this program so appealing to use.

If you’re tired of using emojis and want to try something new and exciting that will also wow your friends, then this is the one to try.

Moji Maker (nine)


If you’re a creative person, Moji Maker will enable you to quickly build your own own emojis that will immediately sync to your keyboard.

This is an app that is really easy to use, the visuals look beautiful, and it is also a free emoji app for Android.


So there you have it: the best emoji app for messaging. We hope this has answered your inquiry about “free emoji downloads for android.”

I hope you found this post useful, and please share your ideas in the comments section below.

The “free animated emojis for android” is a list of the 9 best emoji apps for your Android device.

Frequently Asked Questions

What emoji app is best for Android?

A: Emoji is the best emoji app for Android.

What is the best personal emoji app?

A: The best personal emoji app is the one that best suits your needs. Pick the one you like from our list of recommended apps and start using them!

Is there an emoji app for Android?

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