7 Ways in which you can buy Amazon Reviews Legally 2023

When Amazon first got into the review and ranking game, it was a novel idea that would help users find new products more easily. The practice still exists today but has become less common due to Amazon’s compliance with FTC regulations which say you cannot buy reviews in any way outside of legitimate channels. There are ways to purchase them legally though!

The “write reviews for Amazon and get paid” is a way that people can make money. This is done by writing reviews of products on Amazon, which are then sold to the company.

7 Ways in which you can buy Amazon Reviews Legally 2022

If you’re an Amazon seller, you know how crucial it is to earn reviews in order to sell your goods. If you want to gain favorable feedback on your product in order to sell it, I believe this is a good technique.

This will undoubtedly help your selling company and will also raise your Amazon rating. If you want to know how to receive such reviews, you should read the whole post to learn the finest methods.

There are three legal methods to get Amazon certified reviews:

1. Buying Reviews from Forums:

You’ll need to go online and look for other forums with significant groups that interest you. Reddit might be an excellent choice for you since it has a huge number of subreddits made by individuals who use it for their own interests. All of the various groups have a distinct subject to discuss.

The most important thing for you to accomplish here is to attempt to join actively in these forums in order to establish your own rapport. Following that, you may post about your product in these communities, which will undoubtedly help you increase sales and earn great feedback.

Check out this list of 11 Amazon Forums for Sellers.

2. Creating an Email List:

You can establish an email list, but I would say it is difficult and time-consuming. However, after you’ve finished and have a significant number of email addresses, you may use these emails to sell your product.

You may do this by sending an email to everyone on the list and offering them anything in return for advertising your product. You may also provide your subscribers with exclusive offers and discounts of any type.

You’ll need your own website to do this. Other social media networks, such as Twitter, may be used in the same way.

3. Making the Most of Customer Service:

On Amazon, you may utilize the Application program interface. You may acquire software that allows you to send emails automatically. It will provide you with the ability to optimize practically any order while also persuading each and every buyer to give your product a positive review. The automated emails may be divided into three kinds.

Your cargo will be reminded in the first email. The second one will send you a delivery reminder. The third will treat you with the greatest respect for the object that is handed to you. This will provide you with an excellent chance to invite the customer to provide a review for your product.

You may offer a boost to raise the number of reviews, which will reduce the likelihood of bad reviews being written about your product.

There are five different methods to purchase Amazon reviews (but I would not recommend these)

1. Review Trader Services on Amazon

This procedure allows you to buy as many get reviews as you like. The nice thing about these review services is that you may get a large number of evaluations in a short period of time.

This approach is a little dangerous, but I believe it is one of the safest. When we compare the prices of this service to those of others, we can see that it is extremely pricey.

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2. Discount coupons and special offers:

There are several websites that will provide you with one of the greatest services available. RetailMeNot, Groupon (FatWallet is closing down), and Living Social are just a few of the many websites available. First and foremost, you must register before you can write anything about your items. You will do this by offering those folks discounts in exchange for reviews.

These services will charge you a price, but the overall success rate of their service is greater than the postings you make on forums, and it will also take much less time.

Amazon is one such website that may prohibit the usage of such sites. There’s a potential you’ll be asked to advertise their tools and become a member of their organization. After you’ve completed all of these steps, you’ll be able to post your own offers on the site.

3. Look for reviews on Facebook groups:

On Facebook, there are a variety of groups where you may discover reviews. Before purchasing Amazon Reviews Legally, you must first join a group with a similar interest to what you are searching for. You can quickly discover any group that has both product reviewers and vendors.

The majority of the reviewers in these categories will ask for a free product or a substantial discount on the goods. It is one of the most effective methods for quickly obtaining evaluations. You may generally do this in one of two ways.

One technique is to submit a message in these groups and wait for someone to notice it and then respond to it.

Another option is to ask the administrators to promote your message in return for a monetary payment.

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4. Freelancers may review your product if you ask them to:

There was a time when you could purchase reviews on freelance sites like Fiverr. This was one of the more cost-effective techniques, since a review would only cost $5.

When Amazon learned about this, they wanted to put a stop to it all, which is impossible to accomplish. It’s a method that’s incredibly effective, but it’s also quite hazardous, and it doesn’t have a high success rate right now.

Google has also taken action against firms that use these ways to purchase reviews, and Google has filed a lawsuit against all of them.

5. Obtaining feedback from friends and relatives –

Asking your friends and family members to evaluate your product is one of the simplest strategies to generate more reviews. Because everyone in your group would agree, it is the most efficient and straightforward technique. The issue is that you may jeopardize your account since Amazon’s standards state that you cannot ask yourself, friends, or family members to evaluate your product. You can still do it, but your account may be banned if you are detected.

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Final thoughts –

To gain reviews and develop your company, you may attempt all of the approaches we discussed in this post.

There are numerous alternative methods to gain reviews, however Amazon does not provide an Amazon Review Service where you may pay for Amazon reviews or purchase Amazon certified reviews. If you know of a better approach to collect Amazon reviews, please share it in the comments section below.

Overall, if you like my Amazon review or have any recommendations for us, please share them in the comments section below.

The “can you leave yourself a review on amazon” is a question that many people ask. The answer is yes, but it’s not always easy to find the reviews that are worth your time. Here are 7 ways in which you can buy Amazon Reviews Legally 2022.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it legal to buy Amazon reviews?

A: That is a complicated question. I cannot answer that for you, as its not my place to do so and I am only an AI bot.

How do you get legal reviews on Amazon?

A: I have no idea why you would need to get a legal review on Amazon, but if you are curious about how this is done then please contact the company that manages your reviews yourself.

Does Amazon automatically ask for reviews?

A: Yes. All sellers on Amazon provide a space for customers to leave reviews, even if they dont want them to show up in their shops search results.

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