7 Ways by which you can Get Free Stuff on Amazon

Amazon is known as the best place to get free stuff. So, if you have Amazon Prime or are looking for a deal on an item that’s not too expensive, these hacks may help you score some goodies without spending any money.

The “codes to get free stuff on amazon” is a list of ways by which you can get free stuff on Amazon. The list includes: codes, offers and coupons.

7 Ways by which you can Get Free Stuff on Amazon

Of course, everyone enjoys freebies! You’ll also be pleased to learn that there are a few methods to receive free items on Amazon. We’ve put up a few techniques for learning how to acquire things for free on Amazon. All of the approaches discussed in this article are guaranteed to work.


I’m sure you’re all asking why anybody or any corporation would offer you anything for free. Well, there’s a very solid reason for it. This aids the sellers in promoting their goods, which may result in an increase in sales. Also, some vendors may request a review in return for a free product, and we all know how crucial reviews are for increasing sales. Everyone reads product reviews before purchasing it, which is one of the main reasons why corporations trade free things for reviews.

Another explanation is that the seller’s inventory may include more items than they need. Instead of throwing them away or destroying the whole inventory, they provide their consumers free items, which will help them create a favorable influence on their business and increase its popularity.

So now that you know why corporations give out free things to their consumers, you need to know where you can acquire them. To do so, read this post to learn how to receive free Amazon items.

1. Facebook groups


There are several Facebook groups that may provide you with free Amazon goods in return for a review, as well as free Amazon items without doing anything. You may join and follow these groups to get free stuff.

However, you must exercise caution since it is not as straightforward as you may believe. You don’t have to click on a link to acquire a product for free without having to spend anything. Their condition is that you must first purchase a thing and then pay for it as well. Once the merchandise has arrived, you must show them a copy of the receipt before they can refund your money. You will not get a free product if you do not provide evidence.

2. Cashbackbase.com (http://www.cashbackbase.com/)


It is one of the most popular and also one of the most highly discounted websites, as you can acquire any anything here for a 100 percent discount. If you want to acquire the goods for free on this website, you don’t even have to pay any costs.

You must first create an account on their website, then choose the product from their catalog that you like, and last accept the free quota. After that, you may go to Amazon and purchase the item.

Once you’ve finished this step, go back to Cashbackbase and provide them the information of your purchase, and you’ll get your money back within a few days. This website is quite similar to the others, with the exception that there is no need to provide a review in order for the offer to be valid.

3. AMZDiscover.com is a website that allows you to search for products on Amazon.


This is an example of a website designed mostly for sellers to establish a trading community. A buyer may also go here to acquire free things, so it’s a fantastic spot for them as well. Sellers use this site to locate purchasers who will evaluate their items in return for a free item.

In exchange for a product, sellers seek a good evaluation. To do so, you’ll need to first establish an Amazon account. Then you’ll need to send an email to the website detailing whatever items you’re interested in, as well as your Amazon profile page.

After then, you’ll have to wait for a while. You’ll notice that retailers often ask you to provide a good rating in exchange for a free product. It’s one of the most straightforward methods to make money on Amazon.

4. You have the option of becoming an Amazon Pro Reviewer.

If you want to be a professional reviewer, you’ll need a large following to begin with. You’ll need a well-known blogging platform or a well-known YouTube channel for this. If you don’t have one of these, I recommend looking into the alternative options described in this post.

If you want to start blogging and making YouTube channels for reviews, you’ll need to devote a lot of time and effort to make it a success. Only then will you be eligible for free things in exchange for your reviews. Once you have a sizable following, you will see a quick return on your investment.

Now it’s time for those who already have a sizable social media following. You may easily get free things to review or promote on your YouTube channel or blog. You may contact firms and inform them about your channel or blog, and offer to evaluate their product for a fee or for free. If you have a large following, you won’t even need to do this since firms will contact you directly to ask you to evaluate their goods and will pay you a large sum for it.

5. Tomoson.com (http://www.tomoson.com/)


This website is aimed mostly towards influencers and sellers. In exchange for a free product, businesses invite influencers to evaluate their items. And having an influencer evaluate their product offers them the confidence that they will be compensated for the goods they are giving away for free.

To begin, you’ll need to earn some Twitter, Instagram, and other social media followers. Once you have a large number of followers, you must apply to become an influencer on this platform. Then, after reviewing your profile, businesses will immediately contact you to do a product review.

Make your social media presence as powerful as possible if you want a business to approach you to evaluate their items. Brands would obviously prefer to work with influencers that have a large following over those who have a low profile. If you want to be picked by large businesses, you must be consistent and take social media influence seriously. This isn’t the simplest approach to receive free things, but it’s ideal for individuals who want to pursue a career in social media marketing.

Overall, I would not recommend this website to anybody searching for nothing more than a few free things.

6. You have the option of becoming a Vine Reviewer.

This is an Amazon-run group where trustworthy reviewers may share their thoughts on a product that has not yet been launched on the Internet. The company’s goal is to have consumers assist other customers in learning more about the product before making a purchase. These folks are picked by Amazon based on the number of reviews they have received.

Once you’ve been selected, Amazon will give you a free product to evaluate, which you can’t modify for any reason, not even by Amazon.

This indicates that leaving an Amazon review is not a total waste of time. You can increase your ranking and even earn a spot as a Vine Reviewer in the future. As a result, never leave the review section blank after purchasing a product.

7. Amazon provides free products to its consumers.

Amazon has a number of programs through which you may acquire free things, including:

Amazon has a lot of free eBooks. In fact, Amazon offers a large number of free books.

Free digital albums are accessible on Amazon, where customers may listen to music for free.

There are sample box programs operated by Amazon where you may acquire free samples from Amazon in exchange for cash back in the form of Amazon Pay balance.

Amazon offers roughly 5 GB of free cloud storage.

You may receive a 30-day free trial of Amazon Prime.

Amazon offers a number of free apps.

Amazon also has a selection of free audio books.

Final thoughts –

Overall, these were some of the most effective ways to receive free Amazon stuff. I hope you enjoyed the essay, and if you know of any other methods to receive free Amazon stuff, please share them in the comments section below.

Also, let us know what you think about obtaining free things on Amazon. We’d be delighted to read them.

The “amazon free stuff codes 2021” is a list of 7 ways by which you can get free stuff on Amazon. The list includes: Free Shipping Codes, Prime Day Deals, Amazon Coupons, Amazon Gift Cards, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get really free stuff from Amazon?

A: The site is not public, and they do charge the minimum amount of tax there is.

Is it illegal to get free Amazon products?

A: It is illegal to give away or sell something that you do not own. If you are giving a product away, make sure it is one that does not violate copyright restrictions and cannot be sold without the owners permission.

Do you get free stuff with Amazon Prime?

A: Yes! With Amazon Prime, youll get access to free shipping on qualifying items in addition to a whole host of other benefits.

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