7 Best Email Finding Tools in 2021

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Email is one of the first and most ubiquitous ways that people build relationships with other people. It has been present for decades, but we are seeing a shift towards email being replaced by texting or instant messaging. Email still reigns supreme as a mode of communication in companies though because it’s easier to find yourself than your colleagues and you’re less likely to have an embarrassing conversation on IM.

The “free email finder tool” is a free email finding service that helps users find emails from any website. It is one of the best email finding tools in 2021.

7 Best Email Finding Tools in 2021

Email is the definitive medium of contemporary communication, whether it’s for business or personal use, particularly whether you work in sales, recruiting, or marketing. One email might be all it takes to get your next top employee or develop a long-term relationship with a potential client. If you wish to start these partnerships, you’ll need a valid email account.

Because many individuals have numerous email addresses or don’t use them anymore, getting verified email addresses may be a big pain.

The good news is that there are a variety of tools available to assist you in finding the email addresses you need. We’ve put some of the greatest tools on the market to the test to come up with a list of the best email finding tools available in 2021 to make it simpler than ever to build lucrative new contacts.

1. Huntier.io is an online game.

Hunter.io is a great resource for B2B salespeople that require assistance reaching out to potentially lucrative prospects. Simply type in the domain name of the organization in question to get a thorough list of all email addresses associated with it.

Hunter.io is a free service that lets you send up to 100 “requests” every month. A single usage of the email finder, domain search, or email address verification service is the “request” in question. You may make up to 1,000 “requests” every month if you upgrade to the Starter plan for $39 per month.

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You may also export your findings as CSV files, which you can simply connect with your current marketing and lead management tools.

2. HireSignal

When you want to skip sites like LinkedIn and contact a prospect directly, email address finders might be really handy. Thanks to a unique search mechanism and a plethora of helpful features, SignalHire makes this procedure simple.

The Chrome extension allows you to search for people using common contact information such as their name, address, and business. What’s more, SignalHire looks via hyperlinks to private social media profiles to help identify facts and phrases about a person that go beyond the basic information on their profile page.

This implies that companies and recruiters may identify candidates with specialized skill sets and specialities that other services may overlook.

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All contact emails are confirmed by third-party agencies, so you won’t have to waste time hunting down dead ends or inactive email accounts to reach the person you need to reach out to.

3. Vocus

If you want to leverage Gmail integration to boost your lead generation, this Chrome extension is helpful.

A list of confirmed emails is provided for you to peruse after you submit a person’s name and company domain. Vocus does not have any mass search tools, although it does perform well for specialized queries. You may sample the service for free for 30 days with a limit of three searches per day.

A basic paid membership costs $5 per month and includes 20 daily searches and 100 daily email validations, so it’s probably not the greatest service if you’re planning on doing a lot of searches on a frequent basis.

4. Toofr

Toofr lets you search for emails by person or company, which is beneficial if you don’t know a firm’s exact domain information. When you’re searching for a highly precise email address, its system ranks results by confidence, which might save you time.

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A 30-credit free trial offers you access to additional information, such as work titles, profile URLs, and headshots, when you upgrade to a paid account. A premium membership for 1,000 monthly credits costs $19 per month. You may utilize the service with a Chrome extension, and mass contact processing is possible with import/export options.

5. Locate That

Find That is a worldwide email finder that trawls through millions of firm domains and ranks the results based on trust. One of the most helpful features of Find That is the ability to trace the origins of email addresses to determine where the service got them.

This Chrome extension is accessible for free, with 50 search credits and 100 verifications available on a monthly basis. The starting package, which costs $29 per month, includes 1,000 verifications and 250 searches every month.

6. And there you have it, Norbet.

This popular service is similar to many of the other email address finders we’ve discussed. All email addresses are validated, and you may search for business emails by name and domain.

One of the pleasant features of Voila Norbert is that if your search yields no results, you won’t be charged any credits. A free account allows you to do 50 searches per month, whereas a premium membership costs $49 per month and allows you to conduct 1,000 successful searches each month.

7. Uplead

Uplead is a service worth considering if you’re searching for mass lead generating for marketing reasons. It allows you to search through a database of over 55 million contacts to get leads that you can then filter using over 50 different search criteria.

Once you’ve gathered all of the necessary contacts, you can bulk download their confirmed email addresses and import them into your preferred marketing platform.

A free account only gives you 5 search credits per month, so you’ll probably want to upgrade to a premium membership, which starts at $99 a month and gives you up to 1,500 search credits per month. If you don’t want to be bound to a subscription, there’s also a pay-as-you-go option.


Whether you’re a marketer or a recruiter, email finding tools enable you to follow up on leads quickly and precisely, which may make all the difference when it comes to staying ahead of the competition.

Many of these email finder extensions also have their own set of unique capabilities that may be more appealing to you. Fortunately, the most of them provide a free trial period, so take advantage of it to determine which service would best fit your requirements.

The “best free email finder” is a tool that allows you to search for emails in your inbox. This can be done either by using the search bar or by typing in the email address. The tool also has filters, which allow users to find emails based on certain criteria.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best email finding tool?

A: There are a few email finding tools on the internet that can help you find what youre looking for. One of them is Google, which searches through multiple websites to find results and display them in an easy-to-read list. Another one is called MailTester, which tests users emails against known spam lists in order to provide quality control over how each individuals inbox would be managed.

What tools do you use to find emails?

A: I use a custom-made tool that can scan for emails in large files. It also searches through text documents and excel spreadsheets, so its really good at finding email addresses from any type of file!

Which is the best email marketing platform in 2021?

A: This is a difficult question to answer without further research. I have found that MailChimp has the highest conversion rate for email marketing, as well as being able to track statistics on open rates and click-throughs.

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