6 Ways to Fix Your Windows License Will Expire Soon Error

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The Windows license expiration message that you get when your current one expires is a common problem. Here are six ways to fix it to keep using the OS without having to pay for an upgrade of another type or buy a new computer.

The “your windows license will expire soon error on windows 11” is a message that many Windows users are familiar with. Here are some ways to fix the issue.

6 Ways to Fix Your Windows License Will Expire Soon Error

Assume that everything is going swimmingly, that you’re watching YouTube, downloading new software, and playing fascinating games, and then a warning appears on the screen.

Stop fretting about it; it’s something that occurs to every Windows user once and again.

The internet, on the other hand, is not responsible for the notification that your Windows license is about to expire.

In this post, we’ll look at some of the steps that may be performed to resolve the window license expired notification.

As a result, it is an issue that has arisen in every part of the globe where windows are utilized. In today’s world, there isn’t a single area where the Windows operating system isn’t utilized.

Because it is so well-known, this issue has received a lot of attention.

The issue affects a large portion of the population. As a result, when the issue is one that affects people all over the globe rather than just one location, there must be a solution that can put an end to it.

So sit back and relax; we’ll make sure you don’t have to worry about what to do when your “Windows license is about to expire” since it will never expire.

What Is The Most Likely Cause Of This Error?

Microsoft has been in business for about three decades, which is pertinent to the annual introduction of a brand new operating system.

There are several glitches, though, that create a lot of issues.

When it comes to the constant display of a warning notice that your Windows license is about to expire, the most important factor is that the license has expired on Windows 7/9/8.1/10.

The vast majority of the upgrades are expected to be open source. When compared to the System’s automated updates, a few of them aren’t even intended or created for an ordinary OS improvement framework.

This is why purchasing a licensed version is the best way to ensure that you get the most out of the upgrades that Windows will be releasing in the future.

Microsoft has been putting in a lot of effort to resolve the problem. However, the vast majority of Windows users are still using the prior version of Windows.

They are most influenced by upgrading to the most recent version of Windows, and the machine restarts after an hour or two.

The work efficiency is reduced to zero as a result of this.

Methods for Resolving the Windows License Issue

So, without further ado, let’s get started and get this over with.

Restarting Windows Explorer (method #1)

  1. To begin, press Ctrl+ Alt + Del. Choose the Task Manager option.


  1. When the task manager is launched, click the Process tab, and a list of multiple active processes that are using RAM will appear. Look for Windows Explorer and pick it with the right mouse button by clicking on it.


  1. The next option that will show on the drop-down menu is to complete the assignment.
  1. The three tabs File, View, and Options are located on the uppermost bar. Choose a file
  1. After that, choose Start New Task.


  1. When a dialog box displays, the user must input “explorer.exe” and choose OK.


  1. The next step is to launch the command prompt while simultaneously selecting Windows + X and then command prompt.


  1. Remember to type “slmgr -rearm” and enter space after slmgr when the command prompt displays.


  1. After everything is configured and done, hit enter to exit the command prompt and restart the system.

Editing Local Group Policies (Method #2)

  1. To get started, go directly to the Start Menu and hit Windows + R.


  1. Then, press enter after typing “gpedit.msc.”


  1. It will be seen that a Local Group Policy dialogue box will appear.
  1. In the left side of dialogue box follow the steps Computer Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> Windows Components -> Windows Update.
  1. After you’ve completed the preceding steps, you’ll see a list of a few settings on the right side of the dialogue box.
  1. Double-click on the setting where No-auto restart with users signed on for automatic updates installs is enabled.


  1. A new conversation box will appear after that. Select enable from the drop-down menu on the left side of the box and click OK.


Method #3: Disable the Services

  1. To begin, use Windows + R to open the run terminal, and then put “services.msc” into it.


  1. When the services dialog box appears, search for the Windows License Manager service and double-click it to open its properties.


  1. When the properties dialogue box appears, pick to terminate the service if it is currently operating.
  1. The next step is to choose disabled as the starting type and then hit OK.


  1. A dialogue box appears at the service, attempting to locate Windows Update Service and access its properties by double-clicking on it.


  1. Similarly, if services are running, stop them and restart them.
  1. Try to save the changes by typing disabled.

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Method #4: Find out what your product’s key is.

  1. By hitting the Windows + X keys, you may go to the command prompt and execute it as administrator.


  1. When the command prompt appears, press enter. In command prompt, there will be a product key; copy it on a sticky note, notepad, or anywhere else is convenient.

acquire OA3xOriginalProductKey wmic path softwarelicensingservice


  1. For a fast shortcut, go to settings and press Win + I.
  1. Check the update and security settings as soon as the setting box displays.


  1. By tapping the Activation tab on the left panel, the product key is changed.


  1. Then try typing in the product key.
  1. After you’ve obtained the product key in step 2, click the next button.


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Method #5: Changing the Registry

  1. To go to run, press Win + R and enter “regedit.”


  1. Select file-open as soon as the registry editor is opened.


  1. Later, select all and Export range, and then save after predefining an exact location.


  1. To proceed, the above-mentioned procedures must be followed to the letter in order to resolve the error message saying that the window license will expire shortly in Windows 10.
  1. To proceed, execute the file a user saved in the registry, and the default settings will be restored.
  1. Access the command prompt as an Admin by pressing the Windows + X keys after the data range has been exported to the registry.


  1. Add the following commands together and press Enter.

/v NoGenTicket /t REG DWORD /d 1 /f reg add “HKLMSoftwarePoliciesMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionSoftware Protection Platform”

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Activation Troubleshoot is preferred method #6.

Only those using Windows 10 version 1607 or above will be able to use the Activation Troubleshooter.

Follow the steps outlined below to get started.

  1. Select the Start Menu and use the search box to browse for options.
  1. Try pressing the Update and Security option after you’ve visited the setting.


  1. When you access Window, you’ll see that there are a lot of activation issues.
  1. The next step is to go to the left side of the windows panel and pick the Activation option.
  1. As a result, start the activation process and begin troubleshooting, and you’re ready to go.

And if nothing else works out, we’ve reserved something for you. The greatest is saved for last.


Use the Windows Repair Tool as a bonus method (Suggested Strongly)

This technique, or tool, will rapidly resolve common computer problems.

Protect data and files against Trojans, viruses, and hardware failures so that the PC may be optimized and ready for the next job without causing further difficulties or reducing productivity.

Let’s examine how this strategy performs in the context of the global problem.

  1. On TrustPilot.com, you may download the PC repair tool with a 5-star rating.
  1. Select the Start Scan option to search for faults and issues that are affecting your computer’s performance.
  1. To fix the flaws with the Patented Tech, choose Repair All.

Bringing everything to a close

To summarize, there are just a few, if not a handful, of techniques that a user may utilize to resolve the issue of their Windows 10 license expiring shortly.

As far as we know, the procedures listed above are more than enough for resolving this problem.

The issue of a Windows license expiring shortly is a common occurrence these days.

Because of the expanding problem of piracy, many people are opting to acquire pirated Windows linseed software instead of purchasing legitimate and original Windows linseed software.

They opt for pirated software, which leads to this problem. The program cannot be enabled since it is not legitimate.

It is OK as long as it is not linked to the internet; but, as soon as it is connected to the internet, the windows tries to activate itself.

However, when the activation fails and the error Windows 10 license expiring soon appears, it is due to the fact that it is not authentic/genuine.

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The “your windows license will expire soon how many days” is an error that occurs when your Windows software license expires. This article provides 6 ways to fix the issue.

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