41 Most Viewed Videos on YouTube

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In April 2019, YouTube released a set of stats that show the 40 most viewed videos on their platform. Check out this list to see what the world’s favorite content is!

The “most viewed youtube videos in 24 hours” is a list of the most viewed videos on YouTube. It includes the video title, date uploaded, number of views and likes.

41 Most Viewed Videos on YouTube

YouTube is bursting to the seams with video material. To be more specific, it is loaded with material such as amusing stage performances, amusing pranks, and educational stuff, as well as adorable pet videos, newborns wailing this and that, and all sorts of other things piled up correctly at a site called YouTube. YouTube is made up of people like you and me. The video-sharing behemoth is brimming with such compelling material that users may lose track of time in the blink of an eye. Life would have been a lot more dull without these finest youtube videos that are all over the internet.



So, without further ado, let us take a look at the finest videos that have ever taken YouTube by storm. In other words, was available on every internet-enabled device on the planet, garnering millions upon millions of views.

The most popular or trending videos that have ever been released are:

Charlie bit my finger in number one (2007)

A young infant, who couldn’t even function correctly, bites his finger by mistake. This video went viral because it was a hilarious statement in and of itself. When a toddler’s finger is placed in his mouth, he reacts as one would anticipate.

Tillman is the only bulldog that can skate (2007)

A French bulldog breed dog enters the scene and becomes renowned when a video of him skating was published to YouTube’s classic videos. As you can see in the video, the bulldog adores skating.

3. Daft Hands – More difficult, better, faster, and more powerful (2007)


The video includes a close-up image of a girl’s hands drawing, which are constantly opening and shutting. The video is highly hypnotizing, and if the viewer does not pay attention, the video may really turn off.

4. His BBC interview was disrupted by Robert Kelly’s children

Robert Kelly, a well-known educator, was being interviewed on the BBC when the infant accidentally entered the room and startled him while being videotaped. Furthermore, his wife entered the room from behind the infant. It is now regarded as the greatest of YouTube.

5. Will it Mix? (2010)

The Mixed blender’s founders approve a variety of items to determine whether they can be blended. The views were great in most of the better videos, but the video view count for the Dickinson video is particularly encouraging. Tom, who attempted to combine an iPad, topped the leaderboard in terms of views.

6. Footwear (2007)

This is perhaps one of the most popular and trending videos on YouTube, as well as an all-time favorite. To be more specific, it is and will be enjoyed by everyone who is obsessed with the five-letter term “SHOES.” So, what exactly is it about shoes that makes them so appealing? However, the shoes displayed on this YouTube channel would persuade you to say, “Let’s get a pair of shoes.”

“Friday” is number seven. Rebecca Black is a writer who lives in the United (2011)

“Friday, Friday, have to get down on Friday,” sing along with the chorus.

We apologize for not being able to finish it when Rebecca Black comes to mind. Regardless of our feelings regarding the music in question, we must acknowledge that it is a highly attention-getting tune. Rebecca Black’s most recent video, however, is another another fantastic offering from her.

Just Listen, Linda, Honey (2014)

Another baby, like Charlie, who is a toddler, refuses to share his cupcakes when his mother requests for some in this video clip.

Henri 2 (Paw de Deux) 9. (2012)

Best online videos of Henri on YouTube indicate a fleecy white and black cat that is truly extremely hilarious, set to a large piano, narrated in French, and translated into English. The next video, which was released after this, has the greatest view count and causes tears from laughter since it is so amusing.

10. Donald Trump’s Inauguration: A Bad Lip Reading (2017)

When the lips are misread, things get a little nasty. This is especially true when it comes to misinterpreting a well-known political figure. Because he was already embroiled in controversy before the video was released, it drew a large number of viewers. In actuality, the misconception was what the politicians and their spouses were saying.

11. Chewbacca Mask Lady Laughing

Candace Payne, a Texas parent, went shopping at Kohl’s and ended up purchasing a Chewbacca mask. She either shot herself or taped it while rolling around on the floor giggling. The chuckle erupted in the middle of a parking lot, and it was quite funny. There isn’t a single person who could say no to a forced grin on the viewer’s face. It was honestly posted to YouTube and has received over ten million views.

12. Todrick Hall’s Beauty and the Beat

Todrick Hall’s Buckle from Beauty and the Beast is seen when Belle finds herself in a foreign realm.

13. Obsession with Obama

Okay, let’s be honest: haven’t we all had a crush on Barack Obama at some point? Is it impossible to bring him back to the White House in Washington, D.C.? He was one of the most popular figures of his day, and this video is on the same theme. This video has been seen thousands of times on YouTube. One of the most popular videos on YouTube.

14. Walking through New York City for 10 Hours as a Woman (2014)

A lady from New York was discreetly filmed for approximately or around 10 hours to get a close look at what it’s like to be a woman who gets harassed at every turn. It was a video that depicted what it was like to be a woman in the world’s most populous metropolis. And that was hardly anything to rejoice about. The video, on the other hand, became a worldwide sensation after going viral.

15. Take Off-2014: 10 Hours of Walking, but This Time She Responds (Take Off)

Another still or video clip image of the lady who strikes back against the Original Yankees; in a previous version, this was shown as a woman going about and being taunted, but this time it was a retaliation.

16. The Golden Voice of a Homeless Man (2011)

The news program tells the story of a homeless man with a deep, or should I say golden, voice that others felt would be excellent for the radio. The video went viral, being seen on a variety of platforms until he was offered a variety of jobs where he could fill in.

17. Dance’s Evolution (2006)

Judson Laipply, a comedian, enacts the well-known style of dance forms dating back to the 1960s, the so-called and well-known classic boy, in under 6 minutes.

18. Matt, Where Have You Been? (2006)

Harding is an American globetrotter. Matt became a YouTube sensation after filming himself dancing to the music in numerous locations across the world.

Kyle Hanagami’s choreography for “Shape of You” is number 19. (2017)

The Hanagami performance was included in a dance film produced by the Hoofers at the Dance Complex at Millennium in Hollywood, which was once the most watched video on YouTube.

20. The Campaign for Free Hugs (2006)

People from a well-known company recorded a music video and released it to YouTube with guys going around with a large banner that said “Free Hugs” to anybody and everyone, and the reaction was incredible.

21. Sweet Brown’s ‘Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That’ (2012)

The reporters questioned the Sweet Brown once they arrived to his flat (residence/home) complex, which was engulfed by a blaze that was difficult to contain. She was able to describe it as being substantially influenced by the fire’s emissions. “Ain’t nobody got time for that,” she said because of the smoke, and that was the line that was picked up on like no other.

22. Antoine Dodson’s ‘Hide Yo’ Kids, Hide Yo’ Wife’ (2012)

Another new section, Antoine Dodson, who broke his silence as an intruder entered into his home and attempted to attack his sister, became one of the most popular viral videos of all time. Then there was the moment Antoine Dodson cried, “You all need to hide kids, wife go hide!”

Nora the Piano Cat (number 23) (2007)

The video portrays Nora, a cat with the ability to play the piano, as opposed to certain people. As the owner plays the piano, she folds (presses) the keys. The cat is clearly attempting to keep up with the rhythmic beat.

24. Entrance to “Forever” during a Wedding (2009)

As far as I’m concerned, the most incredible wedding entrance that a human eye has ever seen,

The groomsmen, bridesmaids, and the groom and bride walk down the aisle to the beat of Chris Brown’s song “Forever.” One of the most well-known YouTube videos.

Do You Want to Be My Boyfriend? 25. Do You Want to Be My Boyfriend? (2014)

“This girl moves down the streets about various guys related to some weird question which was Will you be my boyfriend?” in a run of the Frozen channels Do You Want to Build a Snowman, “this girl moves down the streets about various guys related to some weird question which was Will you be my boyfriend?” This was a question that elicited some really amusing responses, which is why it is featured among the most popular videos among the world’s population.

Do You Want To Go To Starbucks? 26. Do You Want To Go To Starbucks? 2014

Another video that went viral depicted a frozen mayhem in which a student begins singing about coffee and dancing while studying in the library.

27. Chipmunk with a dramatic personality

Without a doubt, the video stated above, which was released in 2007, is one of the finest viral videos ever. It’s not surprising if you watched the video at least ten times.

Michelle Phan’s Early Makeup Tutorials: 2009 are number 28.

Michelle Phan began his YouTube adventure with this cosmetics instruction, which he called Xanga, which is slang for retro. She then proceeded on her path of success by filming further videos on how to build a gracefully. It’s no surprise that she was included in Forbes 30 magazine. Without a doubt, she became an overnight online phenomenon.

Otters Holding Hands (2007, no. 29)

Two beautiful otters are seen holding hands in the video. It’s a video that has the potential to melt a person’s heart, yet the film made at the time still qualifies as ‘amazing.’

30. 2011’s Ultimate Dog Tease

It’s difficult to acknowledge that you don’t care about animals of any type. What adorbs they are. It doesn’t matter how old you become. Pets are one of the few things that can be both lovely and hilarious at the same time.

2011 (31. x)

Alessia Cara, like the hoots, launched her show on YouTube. Are you able to guess what made her popular on YouTube? Her acoustic voice is what propelled her to fame on the world’s most popular video sharing network. Her video became viral on YouTube as a result of this.

32. Walmart Moonwalk: 2009

It’s an 8-second video that’s gone viral on YouTube. The film, which has received about 3 million views, is entertaining to watch and cannot get bored by viewing it again and over again. Another amusing aspect of this film is that it was taken in a location where anybody would wake up with the intention of buying. This individual, on the other hand, managed to get away.

33. 2015 “Uptown Funk” Flash Mob

Flash mobs are a trend that isn’t going away anytime soon. Sydney, which was shot in Australia, became a YouTube sensation. Mobs of flashing lights are fantastic!!!

The Sneezing Baby Panda was released in 2007.

The film, which includes a young panda, has received over 200 million views and counting. The newborn panda who screams for her mother in such a manner that the video will make you giggle no matter how many times you see it.

The Early Years of Justin Bieber: 2008

The platform that gave birth to Justin Bieber was YouTube. Otherwise, it was simply a Justin, a young adolescent from the area. JB was simply a regular child in the old days, according to the video. Fans from all around the globe turned the adolescent into an unexpected online superstar overnight.

Diet Coke with Mentos (2006, no. 36)

When small Mentos are all put to the coke, the video displays an astounding response, or should I say a fantastic explosion. The video received a lot of views. There are a lot of videos that have the same title and description. However, no other film has amassed such a large number of views as this one. It has been able to get a growing amount of views to date.

Trololo, 37. Trololo, 2009

Eduard Khil, a Russian musician who filmed this video in 1976, became famous when it was published on YouTube in 2009. However, a video that was made over three decades ago managed to knock down the new ones by a storm. Despite this, the video remains one of the most popular on YouTube.

2007’s Zombie Kid Likes Turtles is number 38 on the list.

When asked about his Zombie makeup, a little child said that he like turtles, and the video became a global sensation with over 50 million views. The amusing part is that the youngster was asked a different question, and his response was absolutely unexpected. As though it were absolutely unrelated to the issue. Everyone should at the very least have a look at the video. However, it’s a funny one.

The Universal Hot vs. Crazy Matrix: 2014 is number 39.

In this video, a Nashville lawyer is shown with a whiteboard, attempting to link hotness with crazy. While this is not something that works in reality, it is entertaining. The film was developed with a lighthearted goal, not to send out harmful signals to the whole population. In reality, it will never function in the actual world.

Chocolate Rain (2007, no. 40)

The best part of the video is without a doubt the caption, which reads, “I walk away from the mike in order to breathe in,” which became an overnight laughing hit. Despite the fact that the video has nothing to do with the information within, it has a large number of views at the moment.

Nick Offerman’s Yule Log: 2015 (No. 41)

Nick, a mad guy in a leather recliner, has been sipping whiskee along a yule log for more than 30 minutes without saying anything. To be precise, the video received 3.2+ million views.


The videos listed above are some of the most popular viral videos on the widely used video sharing site. These excellent YouTube videos were the ones that received the most number of views.

The “most viewed non music video on youtube” is a list of 41 videos that are the most watched.

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