3 Easy Ways in which you can Clone a Sim Card Easily

You’re bored of your old SIM card and want to switch. You could get a new one, but that’s expensive! Here are 3 easy ways in which you can clone your SIM:
1) Use the pin code on the back of an existing card or 2) Get a USB reader device or 3) Combine some free software with the help of Google

The “sim cloning without sim” is a method that allows users to clone their SIM cards easily. This can be done by using an app, or by plugging in the card into your computer and copying the data from it.

3 Easy Ways in which you can Clone a Sim Card Easily

As you may be aware, mobile phones have a very little tool card, often known as a Smartcard or SIM card. This SIM’s job is to give your phone a new identity by assigning it a unique number. Similarly, this SIM is made up of a computer or microcontroller and a little memory that allows it to move and handle certain algorithms for its own resources, such as PINs, keys, and other identifiers.


You must clone the SIM in order to clone a phone number. This means you just need to make a different SIM than the original one; yet, it should behave similarly to a smartphone or other device. As a result, everyone interested in learning how to clone a SIM card should read this post!

1. How to make a clone of a sim using programmable cards

A SIM cloning will serve as a backup in the event that you lose or someone steals your phone, or in the event that you need to fix certain difficulties relating to text messages, calendars, and other similar concerns. We’ll show you how to utilize programmable cards to clone a SIM card below, but first, let us emphasize that not all SIM cards can be cloned; merely look for the following differences:

COMP128v1: This kind of card is easily duplicated.

COMP128v2: features a secure microcode that makes copying exceedingly difficult.

To complete this job, you will need the following materials:

  1. Blank SIM programmable Cards: These cards are available without phone numbers and may be purchased online.
  2. A SIM microcode writer is a device that allows you to create microcode for your SIM card. It allows you to repeat a large number of different numbers to at least one SIM card.
  3. Woron Scan is a reading software system that may be downloaded.
  4. For at least a half-hour, get the person’s SIM.

Now, to learn how to clone a SIM card with any programmable card, follow these steps in order:

Connect a SIM Reader, install the Woron computer code, and acquire the SIM of the target.

Step 2: Assemble the computer code for the SIM card cloning.

Step 3: Perform an IMSI search. Once you have the results on your screen, write them down and then continue to start the icc and also note the icc number.

Now you must conduct the KI search, and after it is complete, you must remove the person’s SIM card.

2. How to use a sim cloning program to clone a sim card

What is the best way to clone a SIM card? Here, we’ll present and recommend a secure tool that allows you to clone a SIM card using Mobiledit’s SIM Cloning Tool for any software system.

This tool is used to examine a large amount of data on our phone that is normally concealed or seems to be removed. Devices save vital proof in criminal cases and agencies around the world who want the mandatory tools advantage to assist in catching criminals. In several cases, devices have vital proofs that professionals need to catch the right person, and those proofs will be used in the court with specific data details on that like contacts, call history, messages, call history, photos, video, and more. The computer code gathers all available half from the target device with only one click, and then provides complete information on a computer that can be printed or written.

How can you clone a SIM card using Mobiledit Forensic’s SIM Cloning Tool? Check out the following steps:

Transfer the computer code to your laptop in step one.

Remove the SIM card from your smartphone in step two.

Step 3: Now you must insert the SIM Card Clone Device and connect it to your computer.

Step 4: Select the SIM Clone tool from the main toolbar and run it. You’ll see the SIM Clone window appear, and you’ll be able to clone the SIM card.

Step 5: Select the read SIM option to scan the contents of the original SIM card. All of the data will be scanned, and you will choose the data that you want to transfer to your SIM card.

Step 6: After inserting the SIM card, the Write SIM button will be activated. Wait until the operation is finished before proceeding.

3. How to clone a SIM card using the KI and IMSI numbers.

The SIM card does not include any phone numbers, but rather an ID number that allows it to be recognized by the device’s associated operator. International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI) is the SIM’s ID variety, and it’s highly significant since it allows the cloned SIM to function correctly.


The Ki (Authentication Key), which may be used to certify as a subscriber at an operator, is required information to extract from the initial SIM. The operator may use this authentication to ensure that the IMSI and alternative SIM information are valid and are part of a legal card, allowing you to clone SIM cards.

Let’s look at how to clone a SIM card on an Android device using the IMSI and KI numbers:

Step 1: put off the device > take away the battery > take away the SIM card > Copy the IMSI number that seems on the SIM card.

Step 2: Next, plug the SIM Card Reader into the SIM card slot (you can purchase it online).

Step 3: Connect the SIM card reader to your SIM and the laptop so that the contents may be copied by the KI number. When the procedure is completed, the new SIM will be a twin card. Place it on your smartphone and turn it back on to utilize it.


So those were some of the simple ways to clone your sim card. I hope you found this essay useful, and do let me know what you think in the comments section below.

The “how to un-clone a sim card” is a process that can be done quickly and easily. There are 3 different ways in which you can do this.

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