25+ Sites That Can Be Used as New Backpage Alternatives

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The internet is full of great resources and websites to visit, but sometimes one can find themselves in an unfortunate situation. One that requires a more original solution than the usual list of sites available for use. This article will give you some alternative options so that your online experience remains as smooth as possible.

25+ Sites That Can Be Used as New Backpage Alternatives

Since the website Backpage was taken down in 2018, visitors have been looking for new sites like Backpage to advertise on or buy and trade on.

Backpage, once the king of the online platform for personals, real estate, and other services, was tarnished by the claim, which was followed by the FBI shutting down the website owing to underage child prostitution.

However, many of these website users have since discovered Backpage alternatives.

In this post, we’ll go through the top 25+ Backpage alternatives on the market and where they rank in terms of global audience engagement on the internet.

In 2021, here’s a list of 25+ Backpage alternatives.

1. Craigslist

The URL for Craigslist is https://www.craigslist.org/.

Alexa Rank: 182 for worldwide audience engagement on the internet

This is most likely one of the biggest web platforms presently available. Craigslist, like Backpage, is well-known across the globe for the variety of material offered. Everything is here, from adverts to job opportunities, classifieds to real estate. The nicest thing about this site is that it does not provide adult services. As a result, there are no prospects of being accused of human trafficking in the future.

The fact that you may publish your adverts for free on this website adds to its appeal. It’s even free to go through the classified advertisements.

2. Hoobly

Hoobly’s website address is https://www.hoobly.com/.

For internationally engaged online audiences, Alexa has a ranking of 18,206.

This site is comparable to Craigslist and might be considered a good alternative to Backpage. Employment, business, careers, apparel, and other categories of adverts may be found here. Personals is one of the most intriguing categories. The personal ads on our site provide wonderful opportunities to interact with like-minded individuals.

The platform’s interface is straightforward, and it employs rigorous security measures to prevent frauds.

3. Geebo

https://geebo.com/ is the website address.

For internationally engaged online audiences, Alexa ranks you at #45,639 in the world.

Since 1999, this website has grown in popularity as a great place to post classified ads. Despite the fact that the platform has a presence in other nations, the bulk of the adverts here are from the United States. Personals, construction, and jobs are some of the most prevalent kinds of ads.

Regardless of what you want to write, the platform interface is set up in such a way that it only allows postings that are socially acceptable.

4. Bedding

https://www.bedpage.com/ is the website address.

For internationally engaged online audiences, Alexa ranks you at #17,771.

Among the Backpage alternatives, this is definitely the finest. Although this site enables users to freely publish all types of adverts, the pornographic and dating sections are the most popular. The platform, on the other hand, is very secure and assures that users’ data is completely protected.

Users on this website enjoy a sense of community, where they can discuss ideas and interact with like-minded others.

5. Make a double-list

https://doublelist.com/ is the website address.

In terms of worldwide e-audience engagement, Alexa has a ranking of 21,470.

This is a forum for articles created for those who think similarly, as the website’s slogan suggests. Regardless of the facts, you may always connect on our platform, whether you’re interested, homosexual, or straight. Users have the option to report postings if they detect any inappropriate sexual approach in an advertising while speaking.

Read this article to learn why having the right design for your website is so important.

6. Advertisements in Classifieds

https://www.classifiedads.com/ is the website address.

In terms of worldwide e-audience engagement, Alexa ranks 24,733rd.

This is one of the legitimate Backpage alternatives. Despite the fact that the site offers a personals part in its marketing portion, it does not guarantee any kind of adult activity. This may be used more as a dating gateway.

This website is accessible from anywhere in the globe, however it is most popular in the United States.

7. Time for free advertisements

Free Ads Time’s website address is https://www.freeadstime.org/.

In terms of worldwide e-user interaction, Alexa ranks it 45,353rd.

This is a local platform for publishing classified ads in places including the United States, Asia, Europe, Canada, and others. This is a free gateway where you may publish a variety of various types of adverts.

You may not only post general advertising here, but you can also find export/import and barter exchange ads. However, there is no portion of this web dedicated to adult services.

8. Oodle

https://www.oodle.com/ is the website address.

In terms of worldwide e-user interaction, Alexa ranks it at #25,638.

This website is well-known for its personals section. Why is it so well-liked? You may post for free under several categories such as Ladies seeking male companionship, casual encounters, and so on. The user interface is designed to allow the user to quickly target additional audiences while minimizing the risk of a privacy violation.

Locanto (nine)

https://www.locanto.com/ is the website address.

In terms of worldwide e-user interaction, Alexa ranks it at number 18,273.

Locanto is a platform that places a greater emphasis on the safety and security of the advertisements that you publish here. That is why it is so well-known all across the world. You may advertise real estate, employment, and even personals on the site.

The nicest aspect about utilizing Locanto is that it is available on mobile phones such as Android and iPhone. With this, connecting with people has never been easier.

YesBackpage 10.

https://www.yesbackpage.com/ is the website address.

In terms of worldwide e-user interaction, Alexa ranks it at number 320,587.

Even when it comes to web page style, this platform is extremely similar to Backpage. If you’re seeking for escort services, this website has them all in its adult sector, which follows the Adult Services Act’s rules.

11. Classified Ads on the Wall

https://www.wallclassifieds.com/ is the website address.

In terms of worldwide e-user interaction, Alexa ranks it 28,704th.

This is the greatest solution if you want to sell and acquire an ad posting platform. This is another free and basic ad publishing tool.

PennySaver (#12)

https://www.pennysaverusa.com/ is the website address.

In terms of global e-user interaction, Alexa ranks it at 104,242.

This is the greatest local ad posting option in the United States if you are seeking for a service in your region. You’ll see service adverts in a variety of areas, such as pet care, auto repair, employment, and career guidance.

13. Are you looking for ad digest?

Wantaddigest’s website address is https://www.wantaddigest.com/.

In terms of global e-user interaction, Alexa ranks it at 1,355,336.

This is a rising user-friendly platform for classified ads in the market. It may be little at the moment, but it’s a great alternative to sites like backpage.com. Because the community is tiny, you’ll have a better chance of obtaining good replies to your personal advertising here.

GumTree (#14)

Gumtree’s website address is https://www.gumtree.com/.

In terms of global internet audience engagement, Alexa ranks 4,775th.

Although GumTree began as a UK-only classifieds/advertising portal, it has now evolved into one of the most popular Backpage competitors. This website contains a fantastic selection of classified ads for real estate, lodging, employment, and more. However, if you’re seeking for personalized care, you’ll be disappointed.

15. Classifieds in the United Kingdom

https://www.ukclassifieds.co.uk/ is the website address.

In terms of global web audience engagement, Alexa ranks 82,804th.

This is one of the most popular listing websites in the United Kingdom. It’s a secure website that lists employment openings in areas such as real estate, beauty, and health. Adult category services such as companionship, escort facilities, and more have their own platform.


Backpage was, without a doubt, a fantastic listing website. The website was shut down by the government because it violated the adult services code of conduct and was accused of trafficking.

Users are relieved to a large part now that there are so many amazing alternatives available on the market. All of the websites listed above are operating well. They all have user-friendly interfaces for publishing classified ads.

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