20+ Kisscartoon Alternatives: Watch Cartoons Online in HD for Free

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YouTube is a popular website for viewing videos, but users may not know about other ways to watch cartoons online. Watch Cartoons Online in HD for Free provides access to every cartoon available on YouTube and many more options like Netflix or Hulu Plus. This post will provide an overview of the best alternatives out there so you can find your favorite cartoon easier!.

The “watch cartoons and anime online free websites” is a list of 20+ Kisscartoon alternatives. The list includes watchcartoonsonline.com, kissanime.me, cartooncrazy.net, cartooncrazy2.com, cartooncrazy3.com, and many others.

20+ Kisscartoon Alternatives: Watch Cartoons Online in HD for Free


The mania for cartoons and anime toons on TVs is the one thing that has kept us all together, or one might say linked in some sense. A youngster spends numerous hours in front of the television as a child. However, as time has passed and we have entered the digital age, we can now find these cartoons on sites like kisscartoon.cc.

Isn’t it true that no matter what age a person is, they all love cartoons in some way? The main benefit of having a fondness for cartoons is that they can be found on sites like KissCartoon.me.

The original site Kisscartoon.me is now down, but I’ve included several mirrors and other websites where you may watch cartoons online for free.


The Kisscartoon Mirrors Websites are also worth a look:

Note: For your privacy and protection, we strongly advise you to use a VPN while visiting these Kisscartoon mirror or proxy websites. It also allows you to avoid bothersome advertisements such as pop-ups, autoplay video advertising, display ads, and other advertisements. I get what you’re thinking!! Which VPN is the best for you? Here is a list of the best-recommended VPNs for accessing these websites without any problems.

The following are some of the best KissCartoon alternatives:

1. Anime Anime Anime Anime Anime Anime



This is a suitable name to be included first when compiling a list of websites that may be used as a direct replacement for KissCartoon. The site’s user interface is simple and straightforward, making it accessible to anyone. Kids may simply delight themselves while surfing the web in search of their favorite cartoon.

The site receives around 3 million visitors each month on average. The site includes a ton of great anime, some of which are subtitled and others which are dubbed, as well as HD photographs and other media. These are immediately visible due to the clever categorization. One of the greatest kisscartoon options.

Crunchyroll is number two.

Crunchyroll’s website is https://www.crunchyroll.com/.


Without a doubt, Crunchyroll is one of the most well-known cartoon websites, following KissCartoon 2k19 in the queue. This website is of American origin and provides high-quality, legitimate material to its customers, including a link that allows them to view and download any cartoon or anime they want without any hassle.

Crunchyroll has a number of unique qualities, one of which is that the streaming service is of the highest quality among KissCartoon competitors. The site includes some of the greatest features, including a premium membership that is available for free, as well as an unrivaled streaming service.

Users may also take use of the website’s excellent Manga alternatives. Alternatives to kisscartoon are also suggested.

3. Anime Kiss

Try https://kissanime.ru/ or https://www.kiss-anime.ws/.


Another excellent and top-rated alternative for watching anime and cartoons. The site has a large amount of information that is categorized alphabetically.

A child may find dubbed and subtitled cartoon and anime entertainment, as well as accurate meal reviews.

Users are kept up to date on the most current material, as well as recommendations and suggestions based on critic evaluations. They also provide download and streaming alternatives in case you want to see them all at a later time.

Cartoon Network (channel 4)

http://www.cartoonnetwork.com/ is the company’s website.


This is the birthplace of all cartoons and anime, and it is considered one of the earliest, if not the first, in the genre. Cartoon Network was a staple of every child’s life. It is not only one of the most well-known sites for cartoon fans all over the world, but it is also one of the most popular.

The Cartoon Network provides consumers with unrestricted access to the world’s largest cartoon library, not just via websites but also through television. As a result, the original material as well as the ever-popular anime classics are included. The site is user-friendly, and the youngsters can easily navigate it to find their favorite stuff.

5. AnimeCrazy

www1.cartooncrazy.net is the website for this project.


If you’re seeking for an alternative to KissCartoon, this is a fantastic and noteworthy solution. If you’re looking for subtitled and dubbed cartoons and anime, here is the place to go.

This site’s library includes a wide variety of cartoons and anime to choose from. Nonetheless, in most affluent nations such as Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States, the site is a popular alternative. It attracts more than 11.5 million monthly visitors who are fans of cartoons.

As a user, you may check the content to see whether such cartoons are available to view online. Alternatives to Kisscartoon that are fantastic.

6. 9Anime

Anime-website tv.com’s is https://9anime-tv.com/.


9Anime provides one-of-a-kind features to its viewers, such as suggesting material that they would like viewing. The suggestions are based on the user’s selections of what they want to view or watch on the site. It may also warn people of stuff that they have not yet viewed. It doesn’t end there since it’s quite simple to use.

Since a result, it is user-friendly for everyone, as it provides a rather extensive choice of cartoons and animes to choose from. The site is updated on a regular basis and is saturated with the most recent information. It may allow viewers to browse through many categories and genres of anime and cartoons, which is unusual.

Disney Junior is number seven.

Disney Junior’s website is http://disneyjunior.disney.com/.


Who doesn’t remember Disney, after all? As we recollect the memory, it is one of the most crucial aspects of anyone’s life. When it comes to watching anime and cartoons, this is one of the most well-known names. On the other hand, it is one of the most well-known and well-received anime and cartoon makers.

And, without a question, it comes up to the hype. Disney and Disney Jr. are a terrific choice for seamless animation viewing since the site is particularly kid-friendly. It’s full of brilliant hues and is simple to navigate. It has a large cartoon library, including Clubhouse and Mickey Mouse.

8. KimCartoon.to (KimCartoon.to)

https://kimcartoon.to/ is the website for Kim Cartoon.


The most important aspect of this website is that it does not warp when providing access to a cartoon series to watch. If you’re a fan of the anime and don’t want to be blocked, here is where you should be.

Browsing the site is rather simple, since it includes a one-click referral to all other sponsored sites. The website claims of being the finest and fastest HD content broadcasters, with over 14.5 million monthly visitors.

Countries like the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and the United States are responsible for the majority of the traffic.

9. Cartoons on Television

www.cartoonson.net is the company’s website.


Cartoon On is one of the most well-known sites as an alternative to KissCartoon in countries such as the United States, Australia, Canada, the Netherlands, and others, with over 4.8 million monthly users. Okay, the user interface and user experience aren’t great since the site and users are constantly routed to other sites.

Despite this, the service offers its visitors a large selection of cartoons and anime programs, including both new and old classics.

AnimeRhino is number ten (Down)

Animerhino’s website is https://animerhino.com/.

When it comes to being a superb alternative to KissCartoon, this is a fairly smart decision. There are several options accessible, such as anime series, cartoon movies, and anime movies, for consumers to select from.

The site has a very basic user interface, so even a child may explore for any anime or cartoon he likes in a couple of seconds! The website provides visitors with certified links to download cartoons and animes for later viewing. As a result, it’s one of the most popular kisscartoon alternatives.

KimCartoon.biz is number eleven.

http://kimcartoon.biz/ kimcartoon.biz/ kimcartoon.biz/ kimcarto


The site is another great variant of the site Kimcartoon.to acknowledged above. The site is very easy to use wherein browsing is easy with which the series and movie options are available. The site also boasts some of the great features which recommend best and latest movies with which you can have the best content viewing experience is pretty commendable and smooth & if you’re thinking to move another movie platfrom I suggest must try couchtuner.

12. Cartoons to Watch Online

Try https://watchcartoononline.cc/ or go to https://www.wcostream.com/.


Our is a site that has a similar appearance and feel to KissCartoon in this list of the top alternatives to KissCartoon. The webpage is simple enough that it may be used by children. The site offers a superb navigation bar that encourages users to explore the other categories for more quick and convenient browsing when looking for their favorite animes and cartoons.

The adverts that are accessible on the site are kid-friendly, therefore the atmosphere provided on the website is pretty safe for the kids to enjoy their favorite animes and cartoons.

Masterani.me is number thirteen.

MasterAnime’s website is https://masteranime.es/.


It is one of the few anime and cartoon websites that provides all of its users with HD and HQ material for videos, anime episodes, and videos. The user interface is straightforward and well-organized.

Its design is very neat or one can say similar to solarmovie & it is tidy for users can browse with the content they wish to see. While not worrying about the site on navigation.

The site also recommends cartoons and animes with the highest ratings, so users can stay up with the most popular cartoons and animes on the web.

Nickelodeon (#14)

Nick’s website may be found at https://www.nick.com/.


Nickelodeon has been around for a long time. And it’s well-known for its fantastic anime programs for kids, which help them learn from the episodes. This is the primary reason Nickelodeon has risen to the top in the ratings.

15. AnimeDub is a website where you can watch anime dubs (Down)

WatchAnimeDub.net (https://watchanimedub.net/) is a website where you can watch anime dub

In compared to KissCartoon, it contains a lot of fantastic stuff. It also features a fantastic assortment of information that is well-designed for a site that provides an excellent browsing experience.

Final Thoughts

So these were some of the top names when it came to KissCartoon alternatives. Choose one depending on your requirements.

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