14 ExtraTorrent Proxy

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ExtraTorrent is a file-sharing torrent tracker that offers content seeding and hosting services. It has been described as the “world’s most popular BitTorrent site.” ExtraTorrent recently announced they are going to implement an auto proxy system for their users, which will block all of its peers who use .torrent files without disabling HTTP/HTTPS protocols in their browsers. This means if you’re using one of these proxies when downloading from ExtraTorren
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14 ExtraTorrent Proxy

Everyone knows that Kickass was the king of torrents, yet torrent sites often go offline when they become well-known. Kickass experienced the same thing. This time, after the takedown of Kickass, The ExtraTorrent arrived to quench torrent users’ thirst.

Through extratorrent proxy, extratorrent managed to send the material securely. This site had a lot of traffic, and a lot of stuff was downloaded, including premium games, movies, and programs.

Extratorrent was shut down on a certain day in May 2017. It was a sad day for both the site’s proprietors and users. But, in this article, we’ll show you how to unlock extratorrents and download the material they provide. Before we can learn how to unblock extratorrent, we must first understand what they are.

ExtraTorrent Proxy Sites: What Are They?

If you’re one of the many people who has lately begun utilizing torrent sites, you may be wondering what these extratorrent proxy sites are and why they exist. Extratorrents.ch, extratorrent.si, extratorrents-cc.com, extratorrent.ag, extratorrent.cd, extratorrent2.net, extratorrent.cc, extratorrent.eu, extratorrent.se, unblock123 extratorrents and other parent sites are all replicas or mirrors. Despite being a copy, they have all of the stuff that extratorrent did.

Here is a list of 14 Extratorrent Proxy Sites that are 100% working in 2022.

These copy or mirror sites employ highly skilled engineers and programmers who are always striving to improve the service. They may also be communities that collaborate, offer domains, and provide content.

As previously noted, these sites are often subjected to government bans and legal notifications. After one domain is shut down, they create a new one to supply material to users who are looking for the original site.

They always have a large number of servers with plenty of storage space, allowing them to provide material in real time.

Proxy and mirror sites may be used to unblock Parent ExtraTorrents.

If you’re having trouble accessing ExtraTorrents due to a geographic restriction, you’ve come to the perfect place. We’ll show you how to utilize an extratorrents proxy in your area. You must first install a VPN and then search your website. To benefit, you may go through the list of working Extratorrents sites.

Now we will be able to address the questions that occur in one’s head when utilizing torrents.

Is it possible for authorities to impose a ban on ExtraTorrents proxy and mirror sites?

We would claim that this is impossible since these sites have no relationship to the downloader or the server. The server is to blame if you are unable to download the file. Even a VPN won’t let you acquire access or download the files in this scenario. In such a case, you may just switch to another mirror site.

Even if your Authority was able to capture a server and eventually take it down, there are still countless servers transmitting material without a millisecond pause. What’s important to note here is that their speed and functionality will not alter in terms of data transfer.

Is it possible to use ExtraTorrent without using a VPN?

Obviously, this is possible. There are several mirror and proxy sites where you may download your preferred file. There is a straightforward functioning procedure in place. It will transport you to the homepage of the proxy site whenever you click on it. Cloning, which is similar to replicating the content of the original site, is a straightforward operation.

All of these proxy sites have a robust method for updating links on a frequent basis. If none of the links seem to be functioning, try the others. You’ll get a message that says “extratorrents unblock” when you click on the working link.

Please do your homework before visiting any torrent site, since some may pose a privacy risk.

What to check for before utilizing any Extratorrent proxy or mirror site

All of these websites are privately owned, and they must generate revenue in order to keep them operational. They generate money in a variety of methods, and most users are uninformed of their options. Some of them display advertisements, provide premium services, or use your hardware for mining or other operations that are carried out behind the scenes.

Installing an excellent or premium antivirus is all you need to do since the data downloaded from these proxy sites also contain a virus.

Unknown makes use of VPN to keep your IP address private. You have the option of going for free or premium. If you utilize certain sites for a lengthy period of time, your system’s processing performance may suffer.

VPN is beneficial not just to you, but also to your internet service provider. Because they often get orders from the country’s government or a court to block particular IP addresses. As a result, you must also take care of this.

The majority of these websites’ searches are conducted on battery-powered devices such as a tablet, smartphone, or laptop. If you use this sort of gadget to download torrents from these proxy sites, you should be aware of the dangers. When you visit such sites, your system needs more power since, as previously said, these sites execute a variety of functions on the device. Which are often not publicly conducted.

When customers click on the download button, they are sometimes sent to a completely other website, which is not shown on the downloading page. They often land to a gaming site’s sales page. More intriguingly, the page seems to cater to an adult audience.

Another tactic they try to entice customers is to teach them how to win lottery tickets for dirt cheap. This stimulates the idea of being wealthy overnight by investing a few pence on lottery tickets or playing number games.

Please do not squander your hard-earned money on these bizarre activities; they are intended to create money for them, not for you.


Now that you’ve learned all there is to know about Extratorrent proxy sites, we hope you’ve learned everything there is to know about Extratorrent proxy sites. Please let us know if you found it useful in the comments area.

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