11 Expensive cars which are cheap to maintain

People are always buying cars with the idea that they will be good investments. This is not true in all cases, so lets see which vehicles you can buy and maintain on a budget.

The “least expensive cars to maintain 2021” is a list of 11 expensive cars which are cheap to maintain. The list includes the Audi R8, Toyota Avalon, and more.

11 Expensive cars which are cheap to maintain

When you acquire a new automobile, you will get a warranty for your vehicle, which will assist you in resolving any issues that arise throughout your ownership of the vehicle. We are all aware that maintaining a vehicle is costly, and we prefer to get the cheapest automobiles possible. Most car owners are aware that an extended warranty is insufficient when it comes to maintaining a vehicle, since there are several other costs that must be paid in the long term.


When an expensive automobile is constructed, the engineers bear in mind the luxury, the performance it will provide, and how it should make the customer feel like he or she is sitting in an expensive car.

The producers of these high-end automobiles desire the maximum performance from their vehicles, and they are willing to compromise on maintenance costs. They don’t want to be on the list of automobile manufacturers with the least maintenance costs. Because buyers are ready to pay for luxury, there is a lot of competition in the high-end automobile market, and as a result, car makers often sacrifice dependability.

If you buy a nice German automobile, it will cost you a lot of money to maintain it, and in my opinion, it is not worth it. It is not worth it to spend more than $800 per year merely to maintain a vehicle. Of course, if you had money stashed in every corner of your home, the situation is different, but for the majority of people, it would be too expensive.

When you look at the luxury automobiles made in Japan, you can realize how dependable they are. There are large corporations such as Toyota, which is recognized for its dependability and has been doing so for over 30 years. This is a firm that will remove some of the characteristics that might interfere with the car’s dependability. When we look at most Americans nowadays, we can see that an automobile is one of their most important modes of transportation. If we look at the present scenario, customers want to gather all of the information they can about vehicle maintenance costs by brand before going into the market to purchase a product, particularly in the case of automobiles.

So, to make things simpler for you, we’ve compiled a list of the 11 least costly automobiles to maintain .

1. Honda Accord, which debuted in 2016.


This automobile has been quite popular in the United States and is the cheapest to maintain. The automobile itself is being offered for sale at a price of $14,000. This is a really dependable vehicle that is well worth investigating.

This vehicle has a 2.4-liter engine that produces 185 horsepower. Let me tell you about the mileage: it can get you between 22 and 30 MPG, which is rather decent considering the price and luxury.

To be honest, when compared to its rivals, this automobile has a few less fancy amenities, but when we look at customer happiness and ratings, we can see that the car delivers a lot. This vehicle had a difficulty with starting in 2016. The firm opted to send all of the automobiles to the repair facilities, where they were able to quickly resolve the problem, demonstrating how excellent and dependable the service is. The total cost of maintenance in this case would be roughly 350 dollars.

2. Honda CR V, which debuted in 2016.


The Honda CRV is one such vehicle that was named by Motor1 as one of the most dependable vehicles in history. This is an automobile that was originally introduced in 1995. The automobile’s primary goal was to dominate the North American automotive market. In the year 2016, Honda sold more than 300,000 CRVs in the United States, which is a significant number.

This vehicle also received a 4.5 star rating from cars.com.

If you ponder about it and decide to acquire one, you can obtain a user CRV for roughly $17000, which is a really reasonable price when you consider it.

If you’re wondering about the performance, let me inform you that this automobile features a 2.4-liter engine that can create 185 horsepower. If you consider the cost of maintenance for this vehicle, it will cost you roughly $385. The most frequent problem that consumers had was with the replacement of the brake pad, which cost anything from $138 to $256. The total cost of maintenance in this case would be roughly 380 dollars.

3. The Subaru Impreza was introduced in 2013.


This vehicle is the fifth generation, and it has been in production since 1995. This is an automobile that comes in both a wagon and a hatchback version.

This is an automobile that has both front and rear wheel powered systems, as well as solely the back wheel driven system, according to Wikipedia. If you want a high-powered variety, you may choose for the WRX-STI, which is a high-powered model that Subaru has released. This is a variation that has appeared in a number of popular films.

You’ll be shocked to learn that this automobile has competed in a number of motorsports events and has won many championships in these rallies.

If you want to get this automobile, you’ll have to spend at least $6000 for the base model. This vehicle is powered by a 2.0-liter engine that generates 148 horsepower. According to the website Yourmechanic.com, the cost of maintaining this automobile would be roughly $427.

The primary problem about this automobile is the gasket, since if there is anything wrong with it, you will have to spend $1000 to get it replaced? The total cost of maintenance in this case would be roughly $400.

4. In 2012, Volkswagen released the Golf GTI.


This vehicle does not need an introduction since it is one of the most popular in the sports category. This is made by a German company. This is a lineup that has been in production since 1974, and the firm has sold more than 30 million copies across the generations. This automobile is really rather inexpensive, especially when compared to supercars.

The automobile has a fantastic driving experience, but it is not simple to maintain. Many users of this car have complained about the mileage, which is believed to be average, and the cost of repairs, which is reported to be expensive.

According to Repairpal, the biggest and most prevalent issue with this automobile is the clutch. Many automobile owners have complained about clutch difficulties, the most prevalent of which being the clutch failing or sliding. The cost of maintenance would be roughly 700 dollars here.

5. The Audi A4 was introduced in 2015.


This is an automobile that has been in production since the early 1990s, and it comes in both wagon and sedan versions. According to cars.com, this automobile was mostly sold as a sedan in 2015.

This vehicle is powered by a 2.0-liter engine that produces 220 horsepower. This vehicle is equipped with an 8-speed automatic or manual gearbox.

The drop in power and gain in fuel efficiency are the two greatest concerns with this automobile. In addition, if you want to have your wheels aligned, you will be charged $200. The total cost of maintenance in this case would be roughly 900 dollars.

6. Mercedes-Benz CLS, which debuted in 2013.


This is a lineup that has been in the works since 1972. This will answer your query about how much it costs to maintain a Mercedes. This model was introduced in 2013 and was regarded to be relatively reasonable if you were looking for a premium vehicle. You may get this vehicle for $31000.

Motor Trend gave this vehicle a four-star rating. This car comes with a 4.6-liter engine that produces 5000 RPM of power. You may obtain a 7-speed automatic gear gearbox here. This vehicle’s inside is really opulent, as one would expect for the price.

The brake motors were the issue with this automobile, according to the majority of buyers. They must be replaced on a regular basis. This problem commonly develops when the pads in the device get worn out. The total cost of maintenance in this case would be roughly 1050 dollars.

The BMW X6 was introduced in 2016.


This is one such automobile that is quite popular in the midsize sector and is made by a German manufacturer. This model is the product of the line’s second generation, and it has a better design and more power than the previous model.

This vehicle is powered by a 4.4-liter engine that produces 547 horsepower.

This automobile has a peak speed of 155 mph and can quickly accelerate from 0 to 60 in less than 4.5 seconds. Its car’s general design is highly unusual and distinct from the other automobiles in this sector. You’ll have to deal with some troubles with the front drive shaft, as well as some issues with the airbags in this car. The total cost of ownership for this vehicle is around 1050 dollars.

The BMW Z4 was introduced in 2012.


This automobile is very stunning, and the first generation of this model was released in 2003. Because this automobile only has two seats, the cost of maintenance is quite low.

It comes with a 3.0 liter engine that produces 240 horsepower. Customers have indicated that the most prevalent problem with this automobile is water gas. You would also notice an issue with the brakes’ diminished efficiency. The total cost of maintenance in this case would be roughly 1050 dollars.

9. The BMW M5 was introduced in 2013.


You’ll find a 4.4-liter twin-turbo engine with 560 horsepower here.

The most prevalent problem that consumers had was with tire alignment, and you would also hear rubbing noises if you drove this vehicle aggressively. The upkeep here will set you back roughly $1200.

In 2015, the MERCEDES-BENZ S63 AMG was introduced.


This vehicle is equipped with a twin turbo engine that produces 577 horsepower.

You’ll find a 7-speed automatic gearbox here, as well as a manual gear changing option. There are no big issues with this automobile here, and maintenance will cost you roughly 1850 dollars.

The Nissan GTR was introduced in 2013.


This beauty is not for everyone, and it is one of the most costly vehicles to maintain. The only reason I included it on this list is because it has a much lower maintenance cost (still high for most people) than other cars with this style and luxury.

There is no need to explain the characteristics of this automobile, and there is no big problem with it. The cost of maintenance is roughly 2400 dollars, which is still cheaper than comparable automobiles in this price range.

Final thoughts –

So there you have it, the top 10 most costly automobile manufacturers to maintain.

I hope you found this post useful, and please share your ideas in the comments section below.

The “cheapest cars to maintain over 10 years” are 11 expensive cars which are cheap to maintain. The list includes Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Porsche.

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