Mudfish VPN Review

Mudfish is just a VPN for all those gamers who do not desire a VPN — merely an easy method to maximize gambling and find a few very, very basic protections on the way. Mudfish VPN goals individuals who worry about gambling significantly more than just security.

The program delivers reasonable ping prices and uses direct access channels allowing gameplay without any even invariable latency. You can not precisely believe this Korean VPN for a virtual personal network. As an alternative, the program’s primary focus would be to set a GPN (Games Private Network).

But because this has been known as a virtual personal system, we must observe how it works in different locations. Regrettably, it lacks essential security purposes such as a kill-switch, AES security, protocols, etc.… Nevertheless, it’s great if you are trying to maximize your gambling experience. I really couldn’t think about an alternative that delivers less latency at this fantastic price.

Mudfish is just really popular amongst many MMORPG players. I am aware that it’s been advocated on Final Fantasy XIV’s subreddit repeatedly, and countless individuals have reported good results on it. Perhaps Mudfish’s top feature is its price. Instead of paying monthly, folks pay based on how much data they utilize. Since gambling demands minimal bandwidth, even a $5 pay Mudfish can readily endure up to a year. Additionally, they encourage countless games from this box together using a basic setup. They genuinely are owned and run by the Korean company Mudfish Networks, and also, when anybody knows MMORPGs, it’s the South Koreans.

Mudfish VPN Review

In Mudfish review we will discuss its features, speed, and security. Let start with its Pros and Cons.

Mudfish VPN Pros & Cons


  • Best VPN for Gaming
  • Pay per traffic
  • Cheap rates
  • Unlock geo-blocked Games
  • Low Ping
  • 14 days Money-back guarantee
  • Fast Speed


  • Not good for Torrenting and other P2P file sharing
  • Unable to unblock Netflix
  • Not good for Streaming
  • limited Security features
  • No free trails

Mudfish VPN Features

Unlock Geo-Blocked Games

VPN apps like Mudfish enable gamers to achieve usage of a match by their home country. Otherwise, linking to Mudfish allow one to play with gamers blocked in your indigenous region. You can visit Mudfish’s internet site to grasp what games/sites it officially supports. You are likely aware that one game includes geographical restrictions, which means that you can’t get them in different specific places. That is where a VPN creates a variant.

Low Ping or Latency

Ping could be the supreme item you’d like once you are playing your favorite game. Luckily, Mudfish does a beautiful job in bringing excellent in-game pings due to its users. It generally implies you won’t encounter while surfing the web if attached to your VPN. You may likely anticipate a decrease in maybe not just 10-40ms pings when coping with Mudfish. It can’t appear to be much, but wait till you undergo Mudfish ping in true to life.

Servers (nodes)

Mudfish provides a massive choice of servers (Nodes). These nodes have been high-performing, and Mudfish has put them up strategically in several locations. You’ll discover over 493 busy Mudfish servers across the world. It is the best VPN in the gaming industry. It hastens lag & enriches game connection. Furthermore, Mudish attracts WAN optimization technology.


mudfish vpn review

Supported Game / Site

The following Games and Sites are officially supported by Mudfish. To get full list please visit Mudfish

mudfish games supported

How Fast is Mudfish VPN?

Utilizing a conventional ISP means you’re going to be sharing resources with other individuals. Therefore, your connection may experience fatigue with traffic growth, leading to lower speeds. But when you utilize Mudfish, you’re able to rely upon its capacity to get servers to your preferred location right to acquire faster downloads and uploads. Nevertheless, it’s well worth mentioning that the speed will only improve to a point, depending upon your net connection’s potency.

How secure is Mudfish VPN?

Their default style is just a GPN, meaning it will only re-route your traffic through yet another host to the particular match you pick. By way of instance, you choose Overwatch, then you’ll discover the perfect host to attach with, and you’re able to play only that one game for this particular specific GPN.

They truly are mostly centered on gambling and are somewhat more concerned with latency and RTT (roundtrip time) than around security. Encrypting data slow-down your rates, which is maybe not precisely what Mudfish is approximate.

So far as protocols and encryption proceed, it is somewhat difficult to express using Mudfish’s”Total VPN” offering. You see, they don’t list exactly what protocols they use, the security, business norms, etc. That is because Mudfish does not seem to reestablish your traffic.

Is Mudfish VPN good for streaming?

Mudfish calls itself a system booster for both streaming and gambling. However, it can not un-block Netflix, Disney+, BBC player, etc. These streaming providers utilize complex algorithms to spot preventing VPNs. Just a couple of VPN services can skip their geographical cubes — Mudfish isn’t one.

Can I do torrenting using Mudfish?

Torrenting isn’t seen as a moral practice in various countries. In a few regions, the man uploading pirated articles is responsible for paying a fine and facing a jail period when captured. Also, those downloading the material may undergo the same fate if the police manage to identify them. Consequently, most torrents use a VPN to hide their identity on the web.

Mudfish does not necessarily have the qualities to guard your privacy. Luckily, you may prevent this from happening using a virtual private network that allows torrenting, such as NordVPN or even ExpressVPN.

Subscription Plan

Mudfish subscription plan starts from 2.99$. Mudfish’s product is centered on a per-traffic foundation, which works out to a credit score platform or even a subscription basis. They offer PayPal and Bitcoin as payment options and also possess a 2-week refund policy. Due to their subscription plan, they bill 990 KRW (approximately 85 cents) for a single thing, which means that you sign up for a single match each month for this price. Additionally, there are rate limits in your own”VPN” usage.

Supported Platform by Mudfish VPN

Mudfish works on the following platforms:

  • Android
  • iPhone
  • Windows OS
  • macOS
  • Linux
  • Router

Customer Service

Mudfish does not always have a live chat service. What they will have are service tickets that seem to be the forum talks. Additionally, their FAQ is barebones. You also won’t obtain plenty of advice from this. Form FAQ and in-app/forum conversation also possess a wiki for more generous assistance.

My Verdict

If you’re a gamer intention on only gambling at the very best rates possible, with no maintenance for solitude, security, and other things even remotely attached to ordinary VPNs, subsequently Mudfish is for you personally.

Muhammad Yasin
Muhmmad Yasin is a leading VPN expert with a deep understanding of online security and privacy. He is dedicated to helping individuals and businesses protect their sensitive information and navigate the complex world of VPNs.