Best Torrent Sites for eBooks 2023

eBooks are an excellent method to study your desired books without having to take them with you. The ebooks can be downloaded or saved on your phones or laptops to read your books anywhere you want. Well, several ebook torrent sites permit you to get a virtual book where you can read them online or download them to read whenever you want. Here we are sharing the most popular and Best Torrent Sites for eBooks in this article.

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Best Torrent Sites for eBooks June 2023

  1. The Pirate Bay
  2. 1337x
  3. TorrentDownloads
  4. LimeTorrents
  5. ZLibrary
  6. BookYards
  7. Torlock
  8. Wikibooks
  9. MagnetDL

1. The Pirate Bay

the pirate bay torrent site for ebooks

Pirate Bay is the world’s first accessible torrent site and the most used torrent search engine. Servers support SSL encryption. In other words, it is a safe website to transfer files and download torrent files and magnets without worrying about viruses. It is not limited to e-books but also offers other torrents such as games, movies, TV shows, music, and more.

2. 1337x

The 1337X is ideal for those interested in a few things, such as games, movies, books, TV shows, and more. The well-designed interface makes it easy for users to find and download books via torrent. Do you know who started this torrent site? Fan! Yes, in a few years the creators of this torrent site will be leaving. It is now fully supported and updated by fans and users. The 1337x is Updated regularly by its fans like any other torrent site.

3. TorrentDownloads


If you are looking for old ebooks, games, software, TV shows, cartoons, TorrentDownloads is for you. The site has a clear, simple, and user-friendly user interface.

TorrentDownloads is also one of the most popular torrent sites where you can download all types of torrent files. We call it the best because everything in it is okay. 4.98 million people visit TorrentDownloads per month. The average download speed of torrents is 5 MB / Mbps.

4. LimeTorrents


LimeTorrent is one of the Best Torrent Sites for eBooks in this article. The best feature of this site is you can download more than (478,012 torrents) from LimeTorrent.

The site is clean and well designed with a great user interface.

Finding a healthy torrent seems pretty easy, and the reason LimeTorrents is one of the best torrent sites is that the site’s content is regularly updated. The torrent site has separate websites with updated lists of the 100 most popular torrents and the latest torrents uploaded to the site.

Most importantly, the website has 17.43 million visitors every month and is growing day by day.

5. ZLibrary

ZLibrary - best torrent site for ebooks

ZLibrary’s visual interface makes it easy to browse e-books. ZLibrary shows how many books each book has and when they are loaded. ZLibrary textbooks are easy to search and download.

The ZLibrary website is known for its e-books and articles. There is a separate section for e-books. This ” website has the largest collection of e-books. You can find your favorite book on ZLibrary site.

This site has 6,638,923 books and 80,759,561 articles torrents. Moreover, you can find your favorite book by using their amazing search engine. Just type the author name or book name.

6. BookYards


BookYards is the most famous and popular for the best torrent site for ebook downloads. The site has more than 24.183 ebook torrent files. Besides, you can download eBooks for free. There are no free downloading books from BookYards.

BookYards torrent is well-designed. The interface of that site is user-friendly. Moreover, you can search for your favorite book from their built-in search engine. eBooks on BookYards are available in PDF format. You can easily read on your smartphone or laptop.

Overall, BookYards is a compact book torrent site and you can definitely get great reading content on BookYards. All book yards eBooks are very well organized in different categories such as Art, Imagination, Religion & Spirituality, Parents, Biography, Memoirs, Finance, and many more.

7. Torlock


Torlock is the best ebook torrent site. Torlock’s user-friendly interface and clean design, make Torlock the best torrent site out there. You will find that Torlock has a dedicated section for different categories such as e-books, cartoons, software, and movies. Moreover, Torlock is the best ebook download site.

In addition, Torlock is one of the few sites that only lists verified torrents. Finding and downloading your favorite e-book is very easy.

8. Wikibooks

Wikibooks - ebook torrent site

Wikibooks is a streamlined e-book site. The Wikibooks website is known for offering e-books in a variety of languages. You can download books in English, Portuguese, Italian, Hindi, Urdu, German, and many more languages.

Wikibooks is very user-friendly and eBook is easy to find.
To download a book from the Wikibooks stream, simply select the language you want to download and see which book you want to download.

9. MagnetDL

megnet -ebook torrent download site

MagnetDL is not only the best torrent site for downloading software, TV shows, movies, and anime. It also has a dedicated section for ebooks.

The site is a super clean and user-friendly site. You can get all your favorite torrents from MangnetDL. Each torrent has a dedicated section. So you can easily find torrents on the MagnetDL torrent site. The MagnetDL has 5.63 million active users every month which makes MagnetDL a popular torrent site.

10. is some other reliable internet site for analyzing unfastened ebooks. content on may be very nicely prepared into unique sections like Fiction, Sci-fi fable, technological know-how, Philosophy, business, generation, and much extra.

All ebooks on are to be had in a pdf layout. furthermore, the website shows the size and quantity of downloads for every ebook on the platform. lastly, it’s vital to signup for the carrier earlier than downloading unfastened ebooks.


In conclusion, above we mentioned all the best torrent sites for eBooks. You can visit to download your favorite ebook. We strongly recommend our visitors always use a good VPN and adblocker while visiting these sites. Because downloading torrents may be illegal in your country. So privacy is first then surf these sites.

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